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Friday, June 6, 2008

Feds sniffing around Intel

Could be some antitrust problems.

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Intel is also under investigation in South Korea I believe. Recently Microsoft struck a deal with Hewlett Packard to load their new computers with Microsoft's search engine as a default. So, looks like Microsoft is inviting more antitrust measures.

Intel was just FOUND GUILTY and FINED USD $25 MILLION by the Korean FTC.

Intel is currently under investigation by the EU and some of its offices in Germany have been raided by the EU, surprise raid.

Intel has been investigated by the US FTC before for antitrust actions, but absolved because of a back-room deal.

I believe this time, the chickens are coming home to roost. 25+ years of arm-twisting of its competitors and customers alike, globally, is finally coming to bear on Intel. They will be found guilty and punished this time around.

(a former 9-year Intel employee)

I am also a former Intel employee (10 years), and my experience is somewhat different than Gerry's. I'm not nearly as bitter ...

What gives you the impression that I am bitter? Do you know me?

From the New York Times: Mr. McCoy, the A.M.D. executive, said, “In every country around the world where Intel’s business practices have been investigated, including the decision by South Korea this week, antitrust regulators have taken action.”

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