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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Classic Rose Festival

Our furnace is still coming on.

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Thats not Green. Better flip the breaker.

I really wish the powers the be would move this festival to July for a better chance at dry weather. Bloom may be off the roses but so what. Forget the 'rose' part of festival.
Revenue and attendance for all events would go way up if people didn't have to slog through mud.

Long Overdue Idea DM! I have always wondered why these tools on the Rose Festival Board have never seriously considered moving the whole deal to July when the weather is almost always dry. I wonder if they ever noticed that almost all the outdoor concerts in this area are in July & August.

It's not that it's just raining (which is typical for this time of year), it's COLD!

Global warming my a**!

What's funny is almost invariably it rains during the two week rose festival "fun" center period, leaving the water front green stomped into mud. Later the sun comes out, making the fun center smell like a barn yard. The city then spends a month or more getting the turf restored.

Yeah, the Scum Center will always be the Scum Center, even if you call it Waterfront Village. (Rather like a village with a few too many idiots.)

July, huh?

Yeah, maybe.

It'd have to be after Independence Day, though.

And, since we would just be continuing a community fertility festival, and we now have an active volcano right nearby, can't we just continue the tried and true traditions and sacrifice the Queen at the end of festivities?

Then we'd have to deal with all the duct tape around the rim of the caldera, I suppose.

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