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Monday, June 16, 2008

And the scam goes on

If you want to stop the taxpayer-built, privately owned Portland Convention Center hotel, you'll have to watch it like a hawk all summer, and even then, the Old Boy Network, through its cronies and dupes, will probably give it the go-ahead in early October.

What? You've go better things to do with your summer? Too bad. Hank Ashforth's people are getting paid to come to every meeting all summer long. If you can't make it, you lose.

"The Metro Council is paying the project development team led by the Garfield Traub Ashforth Pacific development group $600,000 for the initial feasibility study..." Too funny. He gets his money even before he gets his hotel. How long before "We've spent so much, we can't turn back now"?

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In the minds of the developers and the politicians who are shamelessly behind this grandiose scam, they have already spent so much that it is too late to turn back on the planned publicly financed Convention Center hotel. This turkey ain't going away, and we the taxpayers are going to be eating it for Thanksgiving - and for at least 29 Thanksgivings after that.

"We've spent so much, we can't turn back now"?

Exactly. The fact that they won't kill this thing means they are just waiting for the opportune time or extar amount of money to get to that point.

"paying the project development team led by the Garfield Traub Ashforth Pacific"

Lessee, the likely project developer doing the feasibility study . . . makes perfect sense for Portland. We've already given them an edge in concocting this report and reason PDC must use AShforth.

$600,000 for a feasibility study? Are they hiring a famous author to write it or something?
Metro is terrible with its money.

Metro is terrible with its money.

No, they're terrible with your money.


That's too kind.

They're morons with our money.

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