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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Who says the City of Portland isn't creating jobs?

Here's your chance to pick up a quick 30 grand and help the City That Works at the same time. It seems that the Portland Bureau of Development Services -- where the developers are their customers and the neighbors can go pound salt -- still can't function without "executive coaching" and "organizational development" by outsiders. Amazing that for $136,772 a year, this fellow can't get the job done without personal help. Anyway, if coaching's your bag, you might want to put in for this -- although I suspect the contractor's already been picked and the rest of the procurement process is just for show.

Comments (3)

The story here is that Randy showed up and within a couple of years almost all of the experienced Managers either quit or were fired. Randy, who strongly believes in promoting from within, promoted a bunch of people some of whom barely had any prior supervisory experience much less management ones. As a result they now need to hire people who actually have had some management experience to explain to these managers how to manage.

Greg C

PS. I know most of these managers well. They are by and large good, talented people. Most of them just don't have much in the way of management experience. Not their fault. Basically Randy doesn't like to have his from the hip decisions questioned and most talented managers, who can get good jobs elsewhere, will only put up with that BS for so long.

I've watched this guy in action, several times, giving testimony to the city council on various development issues. Believe me, he needs a coach. The guy can barely put together a coherent sentence. The city that works - hiring "executives" with no real executive qualifications, then pay a professional to "coach" them. The guy is in good company, because leonard has put other equally incompetent "executives" in charge of other bureaus he is responsible for. wouldn't want someone in there who could outsmart the unions.

"He got the Water Bureau job after working as a part-time staffer in Leonard's office."

Price of a consultant to teach an inexperienced manager how to do his job - $40K

Pay for a manager whose neveer managed, much less worked for the Water Bureau - $156K

Worth of kissing Randy's a** and telling him he is a genius - Priceless

God, this is one screwed up city.

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