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Monday, May 26, 2008

What can happen

We read constantly these days about what bad shape the Portland public school buildings are in. We cluck our tongues -- yes, somebody should do something about it, some day.

Then you read this.

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A number of Portland highschools are getting the new sports turf fields. I'm not sure where the money is coming from to do these hightech rehabs of existing sports fields (Cleveland & Grant for example). Why couldn't these monies be redirected to fixing school buildings instead of floating a billion dollar plus bond like the PDX school district is contemplating. Maybe it's a matter of our collective priorities.

Private donors are giving money for fields, not earthquake-proofing. Maybe you could ask the school system's director of development, Mr. Branam, when he's not too busy running for political office.

Jack, didn't taxpayers in the PPS district pass a large bond measure about 15-10 years ago for general repair and some seismic retrofitting of schools? I had an architect friend who was inventorying and preparing plans for upgrades. What happened to all that money?

What happened to all that money?

Made the Teacher's Union richer?

Here is a good article about the maintenance/repair situation at PPS...


This is the best line though. Pretty much describes how the dolts are running the place.

The Texas consultant brought in to rate the condition of the district's 254 buildings last year determined that $153 million is needed to catch up on routine but postponed maintenance. The district paid the contractor, Magellan Consulting, $800,000 for its assessment.

I wonder how many repairs that would have paid for?

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