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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

United States under martial law

The Pentagon is taking over.

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Yeah ... the bastards. C-SPAN recently replayed Rep. Waxman's hearing on the EPA/Clean Air Act issue where Waxman told Rep. Issa to STFU. It wasn't a Pentagon thing, true, and the media (such as it was) mainly focused on the Waxman/Issa flare-up, but the arrogance of the Bush administration appointees (in the case, EPA Administrator Johnson) is what really steams me. They really don't care.

'They' don't care ... about you: Drop dead. And whoever doesn't care that 'they' don't care ... is dead.

Stopping the militaristic fascism of the Pentagon/CIA/FBI/federal mercenary complex, is the simplest thing there is to do, and quite non-violent: Congress: Black-line the Pentagon/CIA budget. For starters.

LIARS Larson belongs in prison for public sedition and treason to induce riot. Right-Wing Media Using Immigration Debate to Mainstream (inject) Hate, by Ali Gharib, AlterNet, May 23, 2008.

Whatsamatter Blumenauer, are you a traitor against America democracy too? So be it your epitaph: Blumenauer betrayed America. Traitor.

Here's more of the context to see, in which all the psycho-nutso pieces that don't make sense when examined individually, fit together completely in one coherent whole. 9/11: Cover For A Coup D'Etat?, by Ed Encho, May 27, 2008.

"A coup consists of the infiltration of a small but critical segment of the state apparatus, which is then used to displace the government from its control of the remainder." -Edward Luttwak

On Memorial Day, a day that is intended to be one of somber remembrance and the recognition of our nation's war dead although it is perversely come to be more associated with boozing barbecues, silly NASCAR races and the inevitable retail extravaganzas at the shopping emporiums throughout the land it is no longer necessary to most Americans to pay tribute. They are the type who just wear those stupid American flag pins as though they were some sort of star spangled merkin, festoon their gas guzzlers with yellow ribbon stickers that in and of themselves are gauche take offs on a lousy country western song and wrongly believe that they are being truly patriotic. Such garbage only serves to dishonor those who have sacrificed and perished in past conflicts and will continue to do so in the new American century due to the illegal wars of aggression and conquest that have been thrust upon us due to the criminal Bush regime and it's neocon policy makers who conspire in secret to launch their schemes of global conquest all justified by that one great and fortuitous 'terrorist' attack that tore open a hole to a parallel universe where up is down, black is white, freedom is slavery, war is peace and most importantly: ignorance is strength.

With every added increment of fascist military totalitarianism abrogating our rights, our lives, our liberty, it is more and more puzzling, and/or ridiculous, why folks with an otherwise cogent wide-angle view of events, such as yourself, Jack, or Bill, continue to choose denying the obvious, or hedging from sensible words -- the 2000 'election' fraud was pre-rigged prerequisite for Cheney conducting Nine-Eleven Op as planned by Old Man Bushbutcher -- and staying confused and compliantly enslaved in denial of that, 'undecided;' instead of recognizing and attesting to the bona fide simplest explanation for everything and in the common sense of common sense, painting the target large and joining the public charge, on point, with our lives, fortunes, and sacred honor, being as that is what's at stake.

Blumenauer betrays us. Point blank. Blumenauer is a traitor, complicit by his silence, as are all in the District hiding behind him in mute silence of lambs.

NASCAR does not race on memorial day

I used to defend our freedom until my court-martial revealed that our freedom is what the pentagon fears most.

Tenskwatawa is right on highlighting the coup d'etat planning. I worry that it is inevitable now. However, it is not too late to plan how to survive under martial law.

I know how to live in a conservative closet. I worry that my fellow citizens will have to learn how to hide the hard way.

This sounds like a wacko post, doesn't it?

You go Tensk.

Is there anything that you can't turn into a tirade against Larson? I think you're just jealous of his success.

You can't even get your "facts" straight - as another commenter here mentioned, NASCAR doesn't race on Memorial Day.

Your tirades are just silly. And quite frankly, they make you look like a complete kook.

I suggest you take a deep breath and reconsider your approach.

While I'm no fan of Bush Jr., he didn't steal any elections and there was no "fraud". Even the mainstream media, having investigated the elections, were forced to admit that.

The fact that you persist with your fantasy of some deep, dark, pernicious takeover, combined with your insistent attacks upon a local radio talk-show host, indicates that you don't have both feet planted in the real world.

Perhaps you tried to call in to the show and couldn't get through. Perhaps something else is involved. Perhaps medical attention is in order.

I've heard Mr. Bog both on Larson's show and on Kremer and Abrams. By extension, since he has spoken with Larson, you must consider him in alliance with the unholy enemy.

The world in which you live is very different from mine - and I'm thankful for that. It must be terrible to live in the world that you perceive.

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