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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Under the wire

The ballots are already out on the kitchen counter with the sharpened pencils nearby, but still the election porn rolls in. Here Cyreena abandons the Calvin Klein and Macy's looks for something a little more in the foreign film genre:

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And the point is what exactly? Ms. Boston is trying to get your attention--that's about it. An unusual appearance to her mailer might do that. (Indeed, apaprently it did.) if it had been plain vanilla, you'd have thrown it directly into the recycling. Mission Accomplished.

I'm not recommending a vote based on this mailing. And I sure hope you're not basing your vote on it, either.

My sentiments also. I don't know anything about Cyreena Boston, but her junk mailers aren't going to make me vote against her. Not much difference between her ad and the other ads I see on this webpage. It's all just political advertising. It all seems sort of mindless, but how else do you attract the attention of most voters?

Homer Williams's money well spent.

I think having an Asian woman blocking you from health care is an interesting theme for Cyreena.

Looks more like a glossy, soft-focus, pharmaceutical magazine advertisement to me. Maybe something for restless fingers syndrome.


Yeah. Now, I see your post. Same difference....


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