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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Tough day for Whole Foods

Their stock took a beating.

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So the Chief Executive John Mackey stated, "said he didn't know why sales growth slowed".
Wow a CEO that is not in the know, you see more of these critters every year.
And still they make hundreds of times more per year than the rank and file.
Only in America.

I'm tired of giving Whole Paycheck my paycheck. I am not at all surprised to see a downturn. Their prices border on price gouging.

Whole Foods customers like to wear their hearts on their shoulders. Though I believe WF & its customers to be extremely racist.

I believe WF & its customers to be extremely racist.

You must have meant "racy".

Duh! Whole Wallet's stock price is falling; their prices in store are soaring; gasoline is cresting $4 a gallon; produce and poultry prices are rising faster than the national debt. And John Mackey, that inspired genius, can't come up with a rational explanation other than "it might be the economy". And this guy gets paid how much?

Look around at your local Winco. They don't seem to be doing too badly. And there you can get about 5 bags of groceries for the price of about 1 bag of Whole Food "healthy" food. Sure!

I stopped shopping at Whole Foods way back in 2006. We now shop at Winco and get most of our meats from Original Steer Market on Division Street. Probably save at leats $30-40.00 every week. In case Mackey hasn't figured it out yet, places like Winco, Costco and WalMart are doing great business, while high end places will suffer in the current economy.

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