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Monday, May 26, 2008

The internet knows all

Every once in a while, I'll watch a professional sporting event and come away thinking it was fixed. I've blogged about this feeling here a few times, and every time, a chorus responds that it's impossible, and that I'm a kook.

But I don't know. Avid student of human nature that I am, I'm still not convinced that everything's on the up and up. At some point, maybe these guys will prove my misgivings to be well founded.

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plenty of credible statisticians think the NBA might be manipulated--stats diverge sharply for specific teams at specific times.

one fellow (who's name escapes me) proved fairly convincingly that team playoff outcomes have solid correlation to local and regional market potential, for example.

for one stark example of statistical oddness, see the current Lakers.

I think the NBA is a bit twisted. This year's LA Lakers surely suggests this. Out of know where Memphis Grizzlies go and trade big center Pau Gasol to the Lakers over half way through the season, picking up relatively little in exchange. In one swell swoop, Lakers become championship caliber. On top of this Kobe Bryant gets away with walking with the ball several times a game so as to give him a certain amount of say artistic liberties to put more spark in the show.

And if you breathe on Kobe, it's a foul.

Watch tonights lakers-spurs game. Joey Crawford, noted tax fraud, gets to ref his favorite player tonight.

Would any other league in the world keep around a guy that cheats on his taxes and picks fights with players?

ahh, yes. the same Crawford that challenged Tim Duncan to a fight(!) and was suspended two days later for it. i think he leads the league in "reinstatements."

watch for Crawford to start calling fouls early and often--against the Spurs. i wouldn't be surprised if Bowen and at least one other player get technical fouls before the first half is over.

Pro 'sports' is all phony -- basketball, football, baseball, hockey ... not soccer so much, though.

The more you know about it, the more you recognize it is fake. Speaking from experience and as an eye-witness. There really isn't any discussion of uncertainty whether it is or not. It is phony. Period. So is pro 'wrestling.' Period.

The only discussion is what are you going to do?, in knowing that it is fake. How does knowledge change your behavior? In my case, I just quit watching and walked away. Now I only play the games -- "let's play two" -- Ernie 'Mr. Cubs' Banks -- I never watch.

An augmented discussion might see that the graft and corruption already has ruined college-level basketball and football (not baseball), and is thick in the high school-level; and ask: What are we doing together to stop it? The strongest power we have to stop it is in our purse -- BOYCOTT Pay TV, cable or dish. 'Broadcast rights' is the money that corrupts 'sports' -- so much money 'pays off' the teams to predetermine 'winning' and 'losing' according to the TV's script (for 'marketing'), that gate receipts and concessions don't even matter, the 'games' would be staged if nobody showed up in the house. 'Sports' to fans: Drop dead.

Whaddaya gonna do about it?

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