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Monday, May 12, 2008

That was quick

Not unexpected, however. Word has it that the Rock 'n' Roll Cafe on NE Sandy Boulevard in the Hollywood district is defunct.

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I was just listening to Mark Lindsay's show the other night. Everything seemed to be business as usual. That's too bad.

It wasn't planned well at all. The whole flap with the Yaw family was ridiculous. But more basically, it seemed like a Hard Rock place in a pal's Shanty neighborhood. Only tourists could make it work, and it was far off the touristy path.

I don't know a soul who ate there (and it's too far to drive for a $12 burger).

My son's favorite restaurant (Peanut Butter & Ellies) recently closed: there is nothing else like it in Portland. A true tragedy for the under six set.

I remember when PB&E opened on Fremont. We were so excited that we got there on the first day... only to find that they didn't have a high chair or booster seat for our toddler. Seemed pretty poorly planned, to say the least.

Good riddance, if you ask me. Few people in the neighborhood liked the Rock N Roll cafe - seemed to leave a bad taste in peoples' mouths.

Hopefully their $12.00 burgers (particularly after they raised the price shortly after opening, plus charging for condiments) left a better taste.

They shot themselves in the foot with the Yaw flap. Had a great thing going, and totally blew it.

Yeah, seemed like a theme-park restaurant shoehorned into Hollywood... complete with a hokey DJ booth? Walking past one day I noticed patrons walking up, looking overwhelmed, scared and bewildered by the whole scene (or perhaps the foray into Portland?). Something other than Hometown Buffet or Olive Garden must've been a shock to the system...

My mom used to love Yaws as a teen, and I don't knock the music/style/culture that was the time... but talk about nostalgia getting in the way of execution. You'd think nothing worthwhile happened since the 60's. Unfortunately, the gamble was more like a gross miscalculation.

salty beef. 12 bucks for a plain hamburger. 25 minutes for food. 15 minutes for a drink refill. and it wasn't even busy.

buh bye

I live in the neighborhood, and I would like to see something a little nicer -- something in between the commercial Gustav's and Laurelwood and Pal's Shanty. The Rock and Roll Cafe just was not it. I think it relied too much on hype rather than quality. Good food will sell itself.

I wish I had the money to open up a Southern meat + three kind of place.

I gave the Rock N' Roll Cafe two shots after writing that snarky blog post last August. The first trip was in October with my mother and we ran into the same problems that everyone else has experienced (poor service, bad food, high prices). I went back in January and, I'm not exaggerating when I say this, it was one of the worst meals I've ever had.

It all started when the waiter came to the table after were left waiting with our menus for 15 minutes to tell us he didn't know if they were still serving hamburgers (in what is supposed to be a burger joint!). 30 minutes later he returned with two Jack N' the Box quality cheeseburgers. Despite the lousy food, high prices and horrible service, the shakes weren't half bad.

It was a neat idea that was horribly executed and basically a debacle. I do hope that Lindsay keeps his Saturday night rock show going. Aside from the shakes, that was the only good thing to come out of the cafe.

The fact that meter maids still have jobs always makes the failure of any business particularly galling. Still, it is clear that the Rock 'n' Roll Cafe was hoping for fans well beyond Hollywood and adjacent neighborhoods — which, if you look at many of the other long-thriving businesses of Hollywood, really wasn't necessary.

Thanks so much for the link to my site! I can't believe the amount of traffic it generated. And it sounds by the comments left here that I sure didn't miss anything by not ever making it over there for a meal. I guess I'll stick with Noho's on 26th and Clinton...big portions, reasonable prices, and you go away FULL!

WW is reporting a rumor that Taqueria Nueve and D.F. are also gone.

A real bad week for Portland restaurants.

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