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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Since you got to go, oh you better go now

Here's an internet service that might catch on... or might not.

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I'm thinking not. Who is going to have time to check the internet when that have to go?

It's a girl thing.

Starbucks when you can wait a few minutes, McDonalds when you can't

Obviously an out-of-town outfit. Worst public restroom has to be the Silver Dollar Pizza on NW 21st & Glisan (toilets usually backed up or non-functioning, plus a torn, dirty shower curtain for the stool). The Satyrican, however, takes the prize back in the 90s when you had to surf into the men's room.

Needed: a check list. Top item: can you lock the door if it's only large enough for one user? Back in DC, I used to rate men's rooms in government agencies (no, not for THAT reason!). Far and away the best was the Library of Congress. Everything marble. Great huge sinks and crisp cloths to dry your hands.

One word: Nordstrom's. I think the girls know exactly what I mean.

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