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Friday, May 16, 2008

Saudis to Bush: Bwahahahahaha

Everybody gets a good laugh when a chimp shows up.

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That speech in the Knesset didn't help.

As the emergency room doctor replied to the hunter who shot his friend and asked, "Is there anything I could have done?":

"It would have helped, if you hadn't gutted him."

and Obama has the experience and a plan to deal with the Kingdom ???

oop's I forgot the Obama rhetoric " Hope and Change "... ROTFLMAO !!!!

Wow, President Bush meets the King of Saudi Arabia. You have an all-powerful ruler who is above the law in his country....plus you have the King of Saudi Arabia.
I did get a little nostalgic when the news accounts mentioned the King's stables. I visited those as a boy and saw some of the famous Arabian horses - some of the best in the world.
When you see the US President begging for more oil, you have to wonder why we've gone out of our way to antagonize many of the world's oil producers. It wasn't wise.
If Bush thought Saudi Arabia would always bail him out like his Daddy used to, he just got played. Maybe he should have started earlier to understand the Middle East. Try buying a rug in the marketplace first. I'm serious.
This is a deep ancient culture.
We thought we could get away with having a moron for President. That was the GOP prevailing wisdom. I saw what that turned out to be when they were shoveling out the stables in Riyadh.

With incidents like these, I wonder why Oliver Stone is wasting his time and other people's money on a big biopic on the Bush Administration. The shame is that the best documentary about Bush and Cheney ever made has been out for years, and Beavis and Butt-head Do America can be had in any video store. (Seriously, ever note how Beavis and Butt-head only ended right after Bush made his announcement about running in 1998? Or that the series didn't come out on DVD until after the 2004 election?)


Nice try, pal, but let's face it, the laugh is on the Republican Party for clearly giving us the worst President ever. "It doesn't matter if he's an idiot, as long as he cuts my taxes." You see how that played out. Enjoy your butt-whuppin' in November.

With the sole exception of the establishment of the national marine preserve near Hawaii, the Bush presidency has been a shocking carnival of disaster, destruction, waste and abuse. I would think that at this point even Republicans would like to see Bush removed from office since every day he wakes up he finds some way to remind America that his is the party of Death and Failure.

Any civilized country would have brought down the government with a no-confidence vote. A less civilized country would have experienced a coup d’état by now. In America we have impeachment. But in America, the ruling Party is spineless. How many of you voted to re-elect Earl Blumenauer?


I agree with the East Bank Thorn. We'll all be judged on this one. The first half of the tragedy was Bush himself but there's no way this clown should have done this kind of damage. Another tragedy is the Democrat weasels we sent in 2006 to stop Bush but who rolled over and sold out instead. Nancy Pelosi could have been a giant in American History. Instead she decided to play it safe and be an accomplice to a war criminal.
But it's on all of us.
The Dubai ports deal was an example of what happens when the whole country gets mad together. Why we didn't take it to the streets more on these other issues, will be hard to explain to future generations.
I shudder to think of how we would explain all this to the people in our past who really did die for this country. I'm sure they'd ask how we could give up these rights to the government without even a whimper.

What is funny is that you, Jack, and the rest of the usual suspects appear to take pleasure in this.

How is that Democratic Congress and Senate doing solving the problem? To quote Jack, : "Bwahahahahaha".....a good laugh.

Congratulations. You have just made your one millionth misread of the Bush Era. And I recognize your standard "appear to take pleasure" tactic so you can deny what you just implied later. Nobody's taking pleasure in this, and so what if they were?
Don't go all soft on us now that your beloved heroes have been proven to be complete losers. I don't want to be flipping around and see you on Oprah talking about the painful abuse you take for being on the wrong side of the biggest fiasco in American history. It's time to cowboy up, as your fake cowboy messiah would want you to do. Be strong, Butch.
Your beloved heroes have badly hurt the greatest country in history. You can take a little criticism for that, can't you?

We are declining country, people. Get used to it. The rate of decline has merely accelerated - rapidly - under the Bush Administration. We are a nation addicted to oil, credit cards, war, and stupid presidents. We have lost our mojo.

Gee, Bill...I thought you were a comedy writer. I'm shocked you didn't point your finger at Bush for causing the writers' strike......

At the Sen. Obama rally this Sunday, where will the Rev. Jim Jonesesq kool-ade troughs be set up, and what flavor will it be ???

Any flavor but Bush-Cheney will be fine with me.

The Reverend Jones comparison reminds me of Pastor Hagee and the other End Times fans. They've been regular guests at the Bush White House and have been actively urging an attack on Iran to fulfill Biblical prophesy. Their goal is to try and jump start Armageddon so Jesus will return. My question is if they really believe this is hardwired into our future, why do anything to bring it on? Starting Armageddon when it's not necessary is worse than any suicide terrorist, or Jim Jones because the whole species is involved. And this isn't some fantasy I dreamt up. They are actively trying to make it happen in the last days of Bush's term. No mention if they'll get 40 virgins in the after-world.

Really. If your candidate is John McCain (ha!), you really ought not to start talking about people's pastors.

"If your candidate is John McCain (ha!), you really ought not to start talking about people's pastors."

When your opponent had one like Jeremiah Wright for twenty years, yes you should. Funny, he sat i Rev. Wright's pews for twenty years and claims he never heard an offensive word. But he somehow hears an offensive word from a Bush speech that he didn't attend in which his name was never spoken. Wow...he really has come around......

Come on. You really want to talk pastors, when your boy McCain has two absolute loonies whom he calls his?

You are going to be lots of fun to watch over the next four to eight years, as you get what you so richly deserve after foisting the Chimp on America.

If you had to pick the one area where we could pay the biggest price for President Bush's lack of smarts, I would suggest it's in this religious area. We have a man who thinks God talks to him and tells him what to do. He says God told him to invade Iraq for example.
The dumb part is that he has no clue that men have been claiming this since we were standing around campfires and the first witch doctor stepped forward to announce he was God's messenger on earth. George - by having no grasp of history - has no sense of how standard this is. It's on page one of the tyrant playbook. It is so trite and stupid, yet George thinks he thought of it. And the payoffs are immediate. You can see his dumb little brain lighting up. Think about it:
Suddenly, you can do no wrong and you have unlimited power because you know what God wants. You're his guy. He sent you to do all this. It's extremely dangerous, especially when the man involved is in charge of the biggest nuclear arsenal in the world.
There's a chance we are witnessing a cover story here. President Bush isn't in the Middle East to talk oil with the King of Saudi Arabia. He's there because we're ramping up to do Iran. It all depends what George thinks God wants him to do.
And yes, it is crazy. We've got a screw-up frat boy convinced he has the answers for the Middle East. Hold on tight, everybody. 7 more months.

With regards to the original news item, one must be fair: Bush has indeed made great and genuine efforts on America's behalf in securing a better deal with the Saudis. He really could have hung the attacks of September 11 on them — what with nearly all of the participants being Saudi citizens and their leader being so financially and geneologically inextricably linked to the Saudi ruling class— but he didn't. Indeed, he even graciously gave them a gentleman's pass on that and discreetly sanctioned Saudi royals and bin Laden family members fleeing the U.S. and whatever legal or political consequences arose from a ghastly situation for which they certainly bore no responsibility. And the sustained military focus on Afghanistan and Iraq must be a continuous, visible reminder to King Abdullah of America's desire to calmly, reasonably and quietly perpetuate the delicate protection racket with the Kingdom. And not even a year ago there was that $20 million in arms — advanced satellite-guided bombs, upgrades to fighter jets, etc. — to show again what a great friend the Kingdom has in Uncle Sam. And what have we ever asked for in return? A robust military presence in their country that enrages pretty much everybody in the region, okay sure. Done. So how about a little price break at the pump to go along with that?
Yeah, that probably is asking a bit much.

So in the war on terrorism, this is what the limit of leverage looks like. And right now we're even more disadvantaged because not only is Saudi Arabia openly unresponsive to U.S. pressure, but so is Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Russia, not to mention the nuclear-empowered Pakistan, where Bush's petulant and public whinging at President Musharraf has become comical for its total ineffectiveness. And Bush's domestic support cratered years ago. If you really believe in American exceptionalism, this is a catastrophe. Not partisan bickering or nit-picky politics; catastrophe. It's a disaster for America's influence when all of our closest allies—England, Canada, Spain, Italy, Aurstralia, et al. ("You forgot Poland!")—go through near revolt for supporting us. Catastrophe.

The American century ends with Bush. And all of those comedians joking about what a bunch of delusional, brainwashed, Kool-Aid-drinking nutjobs Obama's supporters are ... China and India will take their eight years of Bush instead, thank you very much. You really are hilarious after all.

Didn't 'son of Sam' the serial killer talk to 'god' too?

One minor aspect of having the red phone from God in your head is you can be completely lazy. Why have those intense research sessions where you struggle to make the right decision? It's so much quicker when you can just listen to the voice in your head and know what's the right move. Of course, God apparently appears in Bush's gut. But whatever.
If it turns out the decision was a fiasco you never doubt yourself. President Bush always says that in 50 years or so the world will realize his greatness. How can he lose? His greatness is God's greatness which means in effect, he's God. Just like a million other two-bit tyrants have believed.
It's well documented that W. has taken more vacation time than any president in history. But that's okay because God tells him the genius moves so it doesn't take long. It's not hard work.
LBJ aged 30 years in office. Bush looks bubbly and refreshed.
President Bush is a deadly combination of intense ego and lower-end mediocrity. And hundreds of thousands of people have died so far.

You're on fire, Bill. This is my favorite so far:

"They've been regular guests at the Bush White House and have been actively urging an attack on Iran to fulfill Biblical prophesy. Their goal is to try and jump start Armageddon so Jesus will return."

Better run off to Costco for more Reynold's Wrap to keep churning out those hats ;-)

Better run off to Costco for more Reynold's Wrap to keep churning out those hats ;-)

If this is the type of person we have left to defend the right wing pukes who have wrecked the country over the last 7 yrs--the jousting matches will be booorrriinnggg....

If you're disputing my facts on Hagee, say so. Otherwise, you should do what your beloved hero George should have done: Educate yourself.

Sorry, Butch. That was harsh.
I just had my coffee. It does say something about the craziness level when I can't even repeat what these guys actually believe without getting the tinfoil reference. You're right about that. It does sound extremely hard to believe.

So, it's pretty obvious that Jack and most of his posse here have no respect for President Bush. You seem pretty confident that Senator Obama will be the next president and we'll have a democratic Congress. So, with foresight, rather than the hindsight that you have been able to use in your daily criticism of "the chimp" and company, tell me what the new crew is going to do--specifically--and how we're going to be stronger, safer and more prosperous as a country. Here's my take: 1) withdrawal from Iraq (but probably not as fast as you want). Potential Upside: reduced military expenditures at some point, and reduced loss of American lives. Potential Downside: civil war in Iraq, less pressure on other rogue regimes, greater power and influence of Iran and eventual middle eastern meltdown because of lack of US presense or influence. 2)US position on Isreal-Palistine, North Korea, WMD proliferation, emergence of Marxism in Latin America, resurgence of authoritarian government in Russia-I have no idea what Obama and the democratic Congress will do with these issues and they are potentially life-and-death issues for all of us. Bush has at least kept the wheels on. Maybe your guys can do better but I guess I'd like to know what your guys would do differently before I just hand them the keys. I also have no idea who Obama's key people are to advise him on these issues. 3)price of energy-at least Obama doesn't support the idiotic gas tax holiday that McCain and Hillary tout, but what will Obama and the democratic Congress actually do? It certainly isn't greater domestic fossil fuel production. It's a joke to think they will have greater success with the Saudis. So other than bromides, what's the game plan? 4) shut down Guantanamo Bay and prohibit enhanced interrogation methods against terror suspects and terminate the Patriot Act--Potential Upside: we all feel better about ourselves, and we have the "moral high ground". Maybe we can use this in our mideast propaganda efforts to show we really are the good guys. Potential downside: where are we going to send the Gitmo people? Just let them go? Trials is US federal courts? Weakened telecom surveillance will mean weakened ability to prevent an attack. Maybe you're ok with that, but at least acknowledge the risk. 5) global climate change--I'm ready to be educated. Show me where these schemes all 3 candidates are discussing have been used to successfully reduce carbon emissions, and show me that such reductions will reverse the effect of climate change, and show me that they won't have other adverse unforseen consequences (like the brilliant corn-based ethenol scheme, that produces less efficient more expensive fuel, and contributes to global starvation), and then maybe we have something to talk about. 6) health care--what we have now works just fine for many people (including me) and isn't too good for many others (maybe including you); show me that whatever scheme they come up with to completely change the existing mess will be better. Call me a skeptic. 7) Immigration--I think all 3 candidates are of the exact same mindset as Bush on this--do nothing. So I assume either you think he isn't a chimp on this, or the whole group of them could form a monkey house (which may be right). 8) trade--the Democratic union base and environmental base will push hard for protectionism. Just like the Hawley Smoot tariff in the late 20s precipitated the Great Depression, your guys are much more likely than Bush ever was (except for the steel pandering to PA and OH) to enact barriers that will bring down the house.

OK, I've run way over my limit. But I guess my point is, it's easy and doesn't take much intelligence to criticize whoever is running the show. Tell me what the new regime will do that is better. We'll probably disagree on whether it will be better or not, but at least we'll have something concrete to discuss rather than the amorphous catch-phrase of "Change".

Obama has not been able to " Close the deal " in the all important electoral states..........Thankfully this will be a repeat of 2000..........

Bob W,
No matter who is the next President, I'd start with reinstating the Constitution and the system of checks and balances it describes. Let's not have a President who can simply ignore laws passed by Congress. If Bush decides what laws to follow then he is the law. President Bush has been acting like a King. Cheney even says his office is under no oversight by any other part of the government. Cheney and Bush both need to be put on trial for treason.
I'd also advocate a return to democracy where elections aren't decided by some computer company. We need reliable elections or it's all just a charade.
If we follow the Constitution and have good elections, I believe America will thrive.
If we don't, America is over. These last 7 years would not be recognizable to the Founding Fathers.
We are heading into the self-correcting mechanism described in the Constitution whereby bad leaders are flushed from the system. I'm very concerned that Bush and Cheney will show this part of the Constitution the same respect as they have the other parts. For one thing, they know the crimes they've committed. You can see it in the phrase "retroactive immunity from prosecution." It wasn't just used for the phone companies. It was sought by Bush regarding his own war crimes.
It's not about correcting this policy or that one. This is much bigger than that. This is about returning to the system of government that made America great. If we do that, good results will follow. If we don't, this experiment called America is over.

to Bob W:
You all "have no respect for President Bush". You got that right Bob W!; but the rest of your lengthy discourse is horse pucky and lets start with, "at least Bush has kept the wheels on".... NOT!!! Bush has, perhaps irrevocably, loosened the lug nuts to the point where the wheels are just about off this bus, Bush and co. are heading toward the abyss and we are all going over the cliff not into a mere ditch, but into a chasm.
Bill McD, you got it right again as usual and make no apologies!

Bob W. has a point: the mess that the current bunch have created is so bad that it is very hard to see how to clean it up, with or without a restoration of traditional American values and constitutional protections. I'm longing for some war crimes trials, whatever else happens.

If only we could get someone smart like a Portland City Commissioner to run the country?

And elect more of those smart types to congress.

That way the country would be run as well as the city that works.

how do humans live in peace with each other when a world leader refers to one ethnic group as "The Chosen People", and the Knesset then applauds for two minutes?

meaning the rest of humanity were not supernaturally "chosen" to be special?

has that sort of thinking ever worked?

McCain wasn't a member of Hagee's church for the past 20 years. He didn't marry his wife with Hagee officiating. McCain children weren't baptized by Hagee.

There is a world of daylight between Hagee's relationship with McCain and Obama's relationship with the Rev. Wrong.

I can't believe people are comparing Hagee to Wright - it's like apples and oranges. I'm by no means a fan of McCain or Hagee, but to say that their relationship is similar to Obama's and Wright's is just plain BS, as Mr. Tee pointed out.

Also, I'm waiting for some good replies to Bob W's post. Are you guys just now realizing how caught up you are in this hope and change shtick and that you're guy hasn't actually talked about solutions nor provided answers?

Just for reference, I'm sitting this election out or casting my vote for Paul if he decides to run as an independent. I'm tired of voting for the lesser of two evils (Bush twice).

"I can't believe people are comparing Hagee to Wright - it's like apples and oranges."

Yeah: Hagee is a white superstitious kook with far-out right wing views whose endorsement McCain aggressively lobbied for, while Wright is a black superstitious kook with far-out left wing views whose Mosque HUSSEIN Obama joined to network and pad his political resume. No similarities whatsoever.

And obviously, Joey and Mr. Tee are correct that Wright, as the liberal, is a way, way worse superstitious kook than Hagee.

What I find most disturbing is that so much importance is placed on presidential candidates' relations with superstitious kooks in our supposedly "secular" society.

And you conservatives must admit that Barack HUSSEIN Obama, as a devout Sunni Muslim, will surely better be able to relate to and get cheap gas from the Saudis than Bush.

No matter how tightly Bush squeezes Prince Bandar's hand, how are the Saudis going to resist Barack HUSSEIN, with his blatant elitist hatred for "bitter" American Christian bowlers, and steadfast refusal to wear a U.S. flag lapel pin?

"I'm waiting for some good replies to Bob W's post"

See Bill McDonald's at 12:44 pm today.

Wait, Joey, never mind: Bill doesn't mention Obama or "hope" in that post, just re-instating the Constitution, so you can't really paint him as just some dizzy-eyed Obama groupie.

Better just ignore what Bill said in that post, and talk about Reverend Wright. Yeah that's the ticket.

So, like, every voter there is agrees Chimp Chump screwed everything up royally, and a great majority can't wait for him to skulk silently into that dark night of no executive privilege, so everything can snap back to normal, such and so that the Nuremberg and capital sentence war crimes trials can get rocking ... and, what?, anybody thinks he's going to merely fold up the tent and quietly walk off into retirement history? 'come and get me, coppers'?

"anybody" is whistling Dixie. Ain't gonna happen, that Chimp Chump 'quietly retires,' and faces whatever repercusses comes his way.

Hell no, he don't go. He ain't done yet.

Here's one part of the high hilarity of it all: He could be done, toasted and roasted, because we could MAKE him, against his will. Easy: IMPEACHMENT. The only thing standing in the way (of our efforts) is Blumenauer chickensnot. And Blumenauer is NOT going to IMPEACH because Blumenauer is afraid for his life, that he is going to be 'offed' if he moves and votes IMPEACHMENT. Literally: Murdered. Get that, it bears repeat emphasis: Our congresswussy is actually under threat of death to represent us; at least, he is made to believe so, and in effect, that's the same thing.

Blumenauer's Plan is to lay low, get re-elected, and let Chimp Chump quietly retire and stroll off into the sunset, ever'body faggeddaboudit, and let's get that federal porkbarrel rolling some $ugarham 'back in the ol' District.' Except, Chimp Chump ain't going to go quietly, he's probably going to massmurder Congresspeople, whether or not they do anything about IMPEACHMENT. So, Blumenauer 'gets it in the end,' either way. A coward dies a thousand deaths, a hero dies but one. THAT's high hilarity. Some might call it 'irony' but I HATE the cliched of that word, so none dare call it that.

(For 'Blumenauer' anybody may substitute the name of the local congresscoward.)

The other part of the high hilarity, (watching people waiting, to watch Dumbo stroll off quietly into the sunset untouched so long as he goes without upsetting themselves-people's high-on-the-hog life-living -- as IF -- to which themselves has become accustomed), is that ... wait for it ... there ain't no oil left in Saudi sands up which they could turn production if they WANTED to.

Which fairly much makes farce of pretensions to 'seriously discuss and debate' among ourselves 5) or 6) or 8) points of political issues to 'correct in agreement' to get this country back on track. High hilarity. THAT track went irrevocably over the cliff about thirty years ago. What, you want proof? Dumbo Chump Chimp is president, there's yer 'proof' right there. He's an AWOL military deserter (over thirty years ago) and any country ON track has him in military prison waaaaaaay back when.

Anyway, the best I've found to recommend is daily reading TheOilDrum (dot COM), snoop back in the archives a little ways, maybe searching on 'Ghawar' or 'Saudi production,' and, guaarrronTEED, within a month anybody reading it stops whistling Dixie. ... starts buying those pallets of canned tuna fish ... to put in the dirt as fertilizer for each corn plant.

Obama, sure. Hillary, sure. McCain, sure. Whatever. Just, maybe first things first, and somebody Congresscoward-type maybe better take note today they themselves-people are alive, in fact, and actually CAN do something to get the train off the track which Snively Whiplash has them fear-chained to, up ahead. Else, or, y'know, keep whistling and maybe be louder than that onrushing freight thingie. I mean, now that every voter there is has done all such a 'reality check' and is ready to 'get serious' about 'real' problems of 'real' politick.

Only, from Dumbo's point of view, 'going quietly' is about the stupidest plan, and faking his own {poof} --disappeared in a cloud of smoke-and-mirrors -- is about the smartest plan. When you get down to reeeally looking at 'real' politick. Besides, then Chuckles Cheney, who shoots his friends in the face with a shotgun, and enjoys other sporting diversions, can 'fill in' and keep the locomotive mo'-mentumming, eight mo' years.

Obama, sure. Hillary, sure. McCain, sure. Whatever. As IF!

Here's the best sense of the Iraqattack, as compared with every thing anybody has heard so far and has proved to be a lie every time. It's probably only 'coincidence' that it also, all this time later, exactly matches the 'news' story out of the Saudi Royal stables which is this thread's topic.
Peak Oil, Missing Oil Meters and an Inactive Pipeline: The Real Reason for the Invasion of Iraq?

And if more facts helps anybody more better see what's 'real' and versus what has been false in what everybody had been thinking, there's recently
and this:

You've come up with some amazing links over the years. You got me going on the Wayne Madsen Report (before he started charging) and I'm grateful.
This last one about Peak Oil really captured my imagination. I got into it by reading Michael Ruppert's book, "Crossing the Rubicon: The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil."
I also was taught from childhood by my Dad who was an oil company executive in the Middle East working in government relations, to try and figure out what was going on behind the headlines.
The hypothesis in this link is profound. I love that the author just throws it out there and admits he doesn't know if it's true.
One thing I came up with on my own involves Iran. Why are they scrambling to come up with a nuclear power industry?
The story the Neo-Cons are selling is that it is an attempt to make weapons, but could this be another Peak Oil thing? All these announced oil reserves are suspect.
On the other hand, Saudi Arabia is building whole cities from scratch right now. I see nothing in their behavior that would indicate they are running out of oil. Who knows? By the way, I personally knew one of the Americans who - when he was a young man - got in a Land Rover with another guy and drove across the desert observing. When their journey was done they had found the biggest oil field in the world. I knew the guy and he was a great man.
I love the way this article talks about 9/11. We're in the middle of a huge mystery and nobody has explained it yet. I admire this guy for trying even though the 9/11 Truth people go to great lengths to claim the hijackers weren't who we were led to believe anyway. It's one hell of a hypothesis though. Nice link.


Do you have one shred of supporting evidence that McCain "aggressively lobbied for (Hagee's endorsement)"? If not, then you're expressing your opinion with factual certainty that doesn't exist.

It is unlikely that any Hagee influenced voters might pick Obama over McCain in a November election, based on presumptive racial and religious views: if Hagee's endorsement mattered to McCain in the past, it is now more trouble than it's worth.

The same could be said for Rev. Wright and Obama: a religious affiliation that was once politically expedient is now a liability. But Obama never admitted that political expediency was the reason he joined the church. To the contrary, he wrote a book called "The Audacity of Hope" (in reference to a Rev. Wright sermon), and paid homage to the important influence his religion has made in his development and political aspirations.

Is anybody else going to see Obama at the waterfront today?

"Do you have one shred of supporting evidence that McCain "aggressively lobbied for (Hagee's endorsement)"?"

Yes, Mr. Tee:

"Is anybody else going to see Obama at the waterfront today?"

Doubtful. Obama events usually have horrible turnouts, right? I predict one or two people, tops.

The pastor outbursts are yesterday's news. They're like Bill Clinton's bimbo eruptions. They're like Rush Limbaugh's Operation Chaos. If the GOP thinks they can talk America out of electing Obama based on Pastorgate, that's tremendous news, because it won't work. As a wise old leader once said, "Bring it on." Oh wait, I meant to say "as the worst President of all time once said..."
Today at the waterfront is going to have the look of history.
I recognize the strategy of putting down Obama fans, and that's fine. Maybe he will turn out to be less than expected. It's quite possible. I just want to be disappointed by someone I like this time.
I know one thing: If elected he will be much better than W. That we can count on.

"... the strategy of putting down (__insert_name_of_not_Rightwing-wacko__)" is the only thing Rightwing-wacko fascists ever say --- that's not a 'strategy' it's a kneejerk seig hiel. This thread is about LIAR imbecile Chimp; with nothing to say to dispute that or defend him, then all the R wacked 'cheep' 'cheep' about any other name but NOT the TOPIC. They'll do it every time, (tip o' the hat to Hatlo); it's not strategizing, it's a neuropathy.

Bushbutcher is a LIAR and brain-damaged moron.
Bushbutcher is to face international trial for war crimes and crimes against humanity; and along with several who materially aided and abetted him.
So be it.
Bring it on NOW!

Bill: So kind U R, yes. I thought you especially could enjoy this latest Oil Drum item, in a continuing series on Abqaiq reserves (say: "hab cake"), what with the copy being all gushing full of Oil Engineer jargon ... it even includes a satellite view of the American workers' family residences compounds -- with golf course!
Abqaiq and Eat It Too (or, More Geological Analysis of Potential Saudi Depletion), Posted by JoulesBurn, May 15, 2008

And, quelle coincidence Bill, you mention both Wayne Madsen for his exemplary intelligence analysis, and the curious case of Iran building nuclear powered electricity-generating facilities, when they are supposed to have all the oil they and the whole WORLD could ever need to generate electricity.

Here is Madsen's take on the same (topic here) news stories, that LIARS Bushbutcher betrayed Americans to the Saudi Royal 'kiss my ring' Family, again.
Bush to ink nuclear deal with country that provided 15 ot 19 hijackers for 9/11 inside job plot. Bush to conclude deal during Saudi visit.

... saying Bushbutcher signs contracts to deliver nuclear warheads to Saudi 'kiss my ring' Royals, and Madsen cites his source (Voice of America) here:

Bush LIAR in Saudi Arabia for Nuclear Deal, By Scott Stearns, Riyadh, 16 May 2008
They will discuss a deal to help the kingdom develop civilian nuclear power for medical and industrial uses as well as generating electricity. The agreement provides access to safe, reliable fuel sources for nuclear reactors and demonstrates what the Bush LIAR Administration calls Saudi leadership as a non-proliferation model for the region.

The agreement expands cooperation to better safeguard the kingdom's vast oil reserves and its pipeline distribution system, as well as borders.

As part of the deal, Saudi Arabia joins a global initiative to combat nuclear terrorism to enhance the protection of blahblahblahblahblah yadda yadda Riyadha yaddayadda.

So, which is it? Arming the Royal Scamly with nuclear missiles, as diplomatic intelligence analysts consider, or, constructing nuclear-powered electricity generators since the oil is nearing Empty?

A Thought o' the Day, for Rightwing-wacko fascists still holding onto years of LIARS words as being 'real' and 'true' ("greed rape industrialists could NOT POSSibly affect Earth's habital climate," "greed rape industrialists could NOT POSSibly burn ALL Earth's oil," "greedy rape timber looters could NOT POSSibly clear cut ALL the trees in Oregon," etc.)
This: Keep staring at that price sign at the gas station, and repeat and repeat to yourself, 'this isn't happening, prices are going to come down, this is not real, somebody's rigging the game, magic words of poof poof piffle, make the price a small small sniffle.'

Be sure to tell us all, how that works out for you.


You calling somebody a fool is like the Rev. Wright accusing somebody of being ananti-American racist. There's a bit of a credibility gap at work.

We started looking for the end of the Obama Rally line at 10:30, but our three year old tired before we could find it. So we had a picnic near the venue, and went back to our honkin' huge SUV to drive back to our McMansion in SW.

At 1:30, the line was still enormous: it snaked around blocks and through intersections for (at least) 15 blocks. We saw many other families that had similarly tired, as well as others that were trying to crash the front of the line. If there were 30,000 in attendance, I would estimate another 10,000 that were turned away.

The bike nazis were well represented, as well as a few 9/11 conspiracists, the odd Middaugh/Merkeley/Novick posters, and even a few Hillary 2008 sign waivers.

I'm only sorry I didn't think to put tinfoil on my hat.

OK, so now it's anti-American and racist if, like Jeremiah Wright, you are angered by slavery, lynching and other indignities visited for generations upon blacks in this country by whites. Tuskeegee Institute, anyone? Racism, and unpatriotic, I guess, to point out how blacks who signed up there for treatment of syphillis were allowed to die untreated and uninformed, in the service of medical science. Mengele would have been proud of us. Wright's messsge doesn't differ in substance from that of Martin Luther King, Jr. It's just a handy hook for genuinely racist Obama opponents to hang their tiny hats on. Wright's message is painful, but essentially truthful.

Boy oh boy .... looked and sounded like the Obama Kool-Ade was really flowing this afternoon...

Too bad there still isn't any substance to the Senators rhetoric.... LMAO

Re: "Bill: So kind U R, yes. I thought you especially could enjoy this latest Oil Drum item, in a continuing series on Abqaiq reserves (say: "hab cake")"

I'm trying to tell you, bro, I was born in the Eastern Province of S.A. I played Little League in Abqaiq. My band played dances in Abqaiq. It's not "hab cake". It's "ab cake".

'ab cake' I figured, (I didn't know), but 'hab cake' was trying to set up the joke consonance in the title of the linked item. Comedy is compliphisticated.

So, uh, Bill, apparently you looked at the item on The Oil Drum. That wasn't a sat.photo of family residences where you were, was it? OMG

And, snarky out, hee-hee see Mister Tee, Bushbutcher-boy and gas price-denier and economic catastrophe defier, lecturing who about what is "credible" and what isn't. Hey, over here, I know the answer, I got my hand up: Talk to the hand.

Tenskwatawa, you chose a good namesake.

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