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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Old school

Finally, State House candidate Cyreena Boston has sent us a flyer that didn't look like an ad for something else:

Meanwhile, Secretary of State candidate Vicki Walker, whom we enthusiastically support, has released a radio spot that's the antithesis of hipster irony.

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Cyreena is the only Candidate that showed up at my door asking for my vote. I had already voted. My major objection to the entire election process, is that in over forty years of voting I remember very few times that I got to vote FOR someone, usually I wind up voting for the one I dislike and/or distrust the least.

(Not-so) subliminal cross?

I just wasted 14 minutes playing with your Charles Lewis ad. too bad I don't live in portland. am I the only one that loves pushing the money around?

I swear I've gotten two fliers a day for the past month from Ted Kiezer running for some political office. Where are these political newbies getting all this money to send out mass fliers, day after day? Wonder if he didn't make a deal with the devil (unions in Oregon, that is). Not even Scam Adams has sent out this many fliers. I get high on gripe, gripe, gripe.

Vicky Walker's ad is the best of the season.

Between the Red Cross and Blue Cross, might somebody's trademark lawyers have an interest?

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