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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Nice, and rough

Just got back from a North/Northeast Portland pub crawl. Amnesia Brewing, the Alibi, Old Town Pizza North, the Sexton, ¿Por Que No? -- whoa.

Ah, but chalk one up for the résumé -- I won a big prize for my dramatic recreation of the Tina Turner version of "Proud Mary" in a karaoke venue. A great honor.

I don't want to even think about the morning.

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What........Jack if you were about 10 years younger, I bet your "pub crawl" would have included the Interstate Cafe and the Nite Hawk.
I was spent after I left the Interstate Cafe about 2 months ago bound for the Hawk, my plan was to crash at the Crown Motel (great people watching place) it was GONE.
I took a cab to my hotel in NW Portland, as I had a early flight back to Jersey.
Next time Old Town Pizza for sure.

ahhh, karaoke at the Alibi. Doesn't get any more nopo than that.

"just got back from pubs of the suds" ... and it's only 11:27 !?? Compadre, this compare: At that time I'm getting out of the shower, to dress, and go start.

"Think about the morning." Okay. An old man shaves in the morning. A young man shaves at night. :-)

I was hoping the YouTube link was your Karaoke version of "Proud Mary."

I hope you said hello to the lovely Leslie?

Ok Tensk,,, but where's the Liars connection?

There's an Old Town Pizza in NE now? When did that happen? Regardless, this news is awesome. I wonder if their second location also has a ghost running around the place.

That's absolutely incredible, Jack. Did you get video? PLEASE, NEXT TIME, GET VIDEO.

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