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Sunday, May 11, 2008

More bad news on oil and war

It's coming from Caracas.

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Another reason to aggressively explore domestically while we attempt to transition to alternative energy sources.

Yes,from that always objective source, Investors Business Daily.

You see something they got wrong, Allan?

We import a butt-load of oil from Venezuela. I posit this issue will get a lot worse before it gets better.

As a side note: I wonder if Harry Bellafonte or Cindy Sheehan will go talk some sense into Chavez the murderer. Yeah right.

After poring over some of the 10,000 documents captured from the computer of dead FARC terrorist Raul Reyes, killed in a raid on March 1, U.S. intelligence officials are convinced that Chavez's involvement is deeper than anyone realized, according to a front-page story by the Wall Street Journal. "There is complete agreement in the intelligence community that these documents are what they purport to be," a U.S. official told the Journal.

Clearly it's time to recall Colin Powell from retirement so he can go before the United Nations with yet more incontrovertible evidence collected by US intelligence. Lord knows we need to build another Coalition of the Willing, and who better than Powell? He can build in his success with the Iraqi situation.

This analysis is full of propaganda and flat-out lies. I'm working so I'll only touch on one: "The U.S. probably would be forced to declare Venezuela a state sponsor of terror and then end Venezuela's role as a top oil supplier, as required for other rogue states such as Iran."
Iran is producing 4 million bpd right now. How have we affected that other than make them insanely rich by driving up oil with our destabilization of the Middle East?
Okay, one more: "There is complete agreement in the intelligence community..." That never happens. Wake up.
How would you characterize our history in Central and South America? Were we angels of democracy? I don't think so.

This analysis is full of propaganda and flat-out lies

Its also an op-ed.

Can we all calm down a bit before we shoot the messenger? Just for starters, much of the oil produced by Venezuela is NOT the light, sweet crude oil that can easily be refined into a wide variety of products - including gasoline. Much of that nation's oil is heavier in consistency: and the Gulf Coast refineries in the US are some of the only places in the entire world that are set up to efficiently refine that type of oil. In other words, Chavez does not have a large number of markets eager to buy his heavier oil. So maybe he can do some saber rattling, but not much will come of it if his country has a drop in revenue.

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