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Friday, May 16, 2008

Maybe they should try Craigslist

The dudes who put together Portland's nonfunctional "free" municipal wi-fi system are about to shut it down. Or get this -- they want the city to buy it from them for $894,000!

Let's see... used computer equipment... that doesn't work... gee, $894,000 sounds about right...

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Somehow it might grow to $8,940,000 with proper city oversight.

I hope their contract with the city will require them to remove all their worthless antennas from utility poles in the public ROW...

It's already been taken down, apparently.

How predictable was this?

What are the odds the City actually pays for it?

Perhaps at a price point of $1,894,000. they might include a warranty.

How do you shut something down that never really was up in the first place. Seems kind of redundant.

I would let them buy it for $2 million if they promised not to spend $500 million (and 337 new city employees) to build and operated a city owned broadband network.

I guess I am one of the few if any that has benefited from Metro-Fi.
As I refuse to do business with Comcast and Qwest will not run a DSL line up our street as we are only about 30 homes.(Dead end street in the Mt Tabor neighborhood.)

I purchase the Ruckus wireless signal booster and have not had any problems with Metro-Fi using it inside my home.
The nearest antennae is 200 feet from my home.

I have called, and Emailed the Cable Communications & Franchise Management Bureau and
pretty much was told tough.

When any city government regulates cable, telephone or any company that wants to provide a service to it's citizens, it' the citizens that pay way more then is neccessary for said service..

I for one will miss Metro-Fi as I will have to return to dial up.


Cityhall doesn't have enough to do nor enough debt, because it is still contemplating installing fibre optic internet lines throughout the city, residential and commercial. I hope you can refuse the planned service and charges by using alternative private internet plans. But choice is not something this cityhall is big on.

Isn't this just part of keeping Portland weird?

Isn't this just part of keeping Portland weird?

I guess you meant to say "wired".

hey Jack
keep the faith...
Portland buys plenty of non functional computer equipment...and for prices much higher than that.
894,000 wouldn't pay the payroll consultant's tab at Morton's
chump change for the Wizards on the city council

MetroFi has left the building ...

Dear MetroFi User,

It is with regret that we notify you of our intentions to discontinue offering the MetroFi FREE and MetroFi Premium services in Portland. We are in the process of negotiating with a 3rd party network operator to keep the network in place, and during this time your services will not be affected. As soon as we know the outcome of these negotiations, we will provide you
with further information.

Thank you,
The MetroFi Team

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