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Monday, May 12, 2008

Made our day, anyway

It was seeming like a slow Monday politically, with little to amuse us. But then on the car radio we heard the voice of John McCain as he spoke right here in Portland. He said that global warming was a real threat to the planet, and that if polar bears can change their ways to deal with it, then humanity needs to, too:

Now, that's a scream. The tighty righties must be going nuts. They really don't have anyone to vote for. All good news for Obama.

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Just waiting for Karlock to attack McCain now :-)

Counting the sad news above about Mark Lindsay's restaurant that's back to back stories about rock and roll: You had him starring in Paul Revere and the Raiders and John McCain starring in the Keating 5.

Sounds like he is pandering to Clinton voters that dont want to vote for Obama...

I'd be happy to donate Columbia River sea lions to help feed the poor starving polar bears, assuming we can find a way to transport them with a reasonably low carbon footprint.

I think Texas might be willing to chip in their death row appellants, but I'm guessing the ACLU would have a problem with that. And they're probably too toxic if you get them after the lethal injections.

Other than that, I doubt there is anything humanity will do in the NEXT 200 years that will provide any substantive benefits to the polars bears vis-a-vis climate change.

If all of humanity simply vanished from the earth tomorrow, the geological clock would keep on ticking: any anthropogenic forcing that we have occassioned since the industrial revolution would continue unabated for the next 100 years. Even if we cut our GHG emissions by 50% tomorrow, I doubt the computer models would predict substantially different outcomes 50 years from now than if we did nothing but stem the rise of GHGs.

Just waiting for Karlock to attack McCain now :-)
JK: His redeeming value is that he is proposing nuclear power instead of letting us freeze in the dark.

Wind, solar and wave power just aren't a practical replacement. Neither is going back to the 1920s or 1820s.


Still don't understand the fervor over a half a term Senator who has accomplished not one thing of substance..... Pull your heads out of the sand sheeple !!!

Thanks for sharing your lack of understanding. I felt the same way about a certain coke-addled alcoholic frat boy who went AWOL from the military, never had a job that he didn't get from his father, and screwed up everything he had touched before running for President. Life holds many mysteries.

So McCain has joined the 100% zombie-like Democrat adherance to the global warming doctrine.
So What.
It's no differant than his misguided ilegal immigration amnesty stance.

He's just wrong.

I'd like to see just one prominent Democrat dare to speak out in rejection of the global warming hoax.

They're out there, but silent.

I'll even wager our host here has some serious doubts about the Gore/Bradbury/McCain Global Warming cult.

Let's remember that Bush promised to take action on global warming too.

Barr isn't going to help McCain's chances either.


Here is a nice, readable, paper on the solar-climate hypothesis.



"Let's remember that Bush promised to take action on global warming too."

Oh please let me forget.

So friggin what?

The black hole of Global warming political correctness has sucked in Gingrich, Bush and McCain.

It's pathetic.

The real and complete science shows there is no historiclly significant warming happening and humans are not causing it.

Having a gargantuan cult all chanting that it is doesn't effect the climate either.

So shut up.

I mean that in a friendly way.

Without an explanatory word being spoken, your SUV is under arrest and your electricity is blacked out ... in a friendly way.

Having a gargantuan cult all chanting that it is doesn't effect the climate either.

i know, i know. i wish the Republican Party would quiet down and let us all get back to destroying things. it's becoming embarassing.

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