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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Like the circles that you find

All of a sudden, to get elected to state office in our legislative district, you have to have a windmill in your picture. We've already blogged about House candidate Cyreena Boston's "daisy fresh" mailer:

This weekend, we see that Jackie Dingfelder, whose vacated seat Boston is seeking, has gone her one better in her campaign for State Senate:

But hey, one of Boston's opponents, Michael Dembrow, has got the entire trifecta:

Comments (4)

Be interesting to hear someone ask her why she doesn't include an ethanol/gas pump in her mailer, since she was the sponsor of the well-intentioned but horribly misguided bill that Salem passed to turn food into fuel and subsidize Big Corn to the tune of millions of dollars annually in a state that is giving people a chance at health insurance by lottery ...

Especially since more and more people are waking up to the fundamental insanity of agrofuels.

Wonderful - Politicians masquerrading as environmental scienteists - God we are screwed.

So these are the same guys that can't balance a budget or set up good schools - Oh wait, I forgot, global warming is a smokescreen for their incompetence.

Wonderful - Politicians masquerrading as environmental scienteists

Hell, thats nothing like what this Oregon politician has been doing.
And some speeches on taxpayer time even.


I long for the old days when politicians' flyers had pictures of children worried about their futures ...

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