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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Just another day for Old Boy Network

Multnomah County has picked a contractor to build its new Gresham courthouse.

You'll never guess who it is.

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What did I win for guessing correctly?

"The county has high hopes for the project, despite its limited budget. The new courthouse could help spur revitalization in the Rockwood neighborhood, Butler says. With its proximity to MAX light rail, the area has development potential; however, it has struggled to overcome poverty and crime in recent years."

What? 20 years of MAX didn't "spur" out a new Rockwood?
I'm shocked.

They always say our light rail spurs stuff when it doesn't spur anything but more massive government spending schemes.

That's what the are telling Milwaukie right now. Spur baby spur.

"Revitalize the neighbothood"? Butler must be smoking crack. Rockwood is the toilet of the outer eastside and everyone knows it. No business of any size has moved there in the past 2-3 years despite a list of incentives from the City of Gresham.

My son used to be the night shift manager of the photo electronics department in the Rockwood Fred Meyer before they tore it down. He would catch the MAX out there at midnight. I made him quit. The minimum wage job wasn't worth his life, which wouldn't have lasted long based on what he saw going on out there at night.

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