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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Heat wave coming

I was riding the train last Friday morning, having left my car at the shop. Along the way, a person whom once upon a time we might have called a "crazy lady" got on. She was friendly, and loud. "A happy Mother's Day to all the mothers," she announced to no one in particular. "It's cold today. But next week, on Friday it's going to be 90."

Over the years, I've learned that when a crazy lady tells you what the weather is going to be a week in advance, she's probably right.

Comments (5)

This town is full of "crazy ladies"... apparently they all work for the city of Beaverton!

I love it when the " homeless " and their attack dogs are allowed to ride the Max.

Yup, yup. Definitely definitely.

Over the years taketh away and over the years giveth.

Here I sit, in the throes of insomnia once again, while my old friend L happily snoozes away with that sarcastic look on her face, 2200 miles from home, looking at the internets, waiting to fall back asleep. At least there is Lone Star...

It's perfect...as soon as I leave P-town for Austin, thinking, aha, now I'll finally see some sun and heat, PDX gets ready for a heatwave.

Meanwhile, here in ATX, massive thunderstorms are rolling in ahead of a cold front. The grass really is always greener...

Hey, man, at least you ain't in Myanmar.

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