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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Goodbye, Hawthorne

Sad, sad news: Good old Bowers Bakery has closed, to make room for condo parking spaces. How absolutely awful.

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That is sad, landlords now see SE Hawthorne as the next Pearl. Say hello to cookie-cutter overpriced stores on SE Hawthorne just like that new condo place there.

Normally I wouldnt mind, but it is nice to have a neighborhood that has some uniqueness to it.

What made Bowers special wasn't just the baked goods but the man. Six days a week, he got up at 1:30 a.m. to come to work. He coached and gave money to neighborhood Little League teams, and was a soft touch for any kid who stopped at the bakery to sell something for a school fundraiser.

I'm sure the condo owners will let those kids polish their SUVs from time to time.

Well, according to Mayor-elect-for-life Adams, the next Pearl district will be the central east side:

"The central east side could be the next Pearl District or South Waterfront,” cited in


But perhaps he and Homer have changed their minds -- this quote was from a few years ago.

The Daily Grind on Hawthorne also went out of business last year. It had good organic food but escalating costs of doing business caused its closure.

The only good thing left on Hawthorne is the Fred Meyers. Young yuppies seem to like the area but older krustie folks like me find the area to be a turn off. It's only going to get worse once they run a street car up Hawthorne. Car drivers will want to avoid the street completely.

The Manhattanites are coming and we must prepare. Besides we still have Orowheat/Bimbo.

While Hawthorne has lost much of it's mutlicultural pedi vibe, hopefully it will be bike parking. Cars and the pollution they bring to this area are so passe'.

Man, his bran muffins were phenomenal. I wonder if he's willing to give up that recipe?

"The only good thing left on Hawthorne is the Fred Meyers. "

What about Jaciva's Bakery?? What about Powell's Books?? What about the Baghdad Theatre?? What about the Liquor Store??

Dude - think again!!

No wonder Bowers was out of almost everything when I stopped in for a sandwich last week--must have been getting rid of inventory. I can't say it was my favorite place, but it was a good place and how many other non-chain places are there where you can get a sandwich.

When I moved back to Portland about 20 years ago, Hawthorne was famous for thrift stores and some antique stores. There must have been a dozen of them. I don't think there are any left, though there are a couple of hipster retro furniture stores. In fact, independent thrift stores seem to have died out in Portland. Used to be a whole row of them on 9th off Burnside. Best place these days is Village Traders on Division, which has become a more interesting street than Hawthorne.

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