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Friday, May 23, 2008

And if you want some fun, take Ob-la-di-bla-da. Thank you.

The Goldschmidt revolving door is still fully operational -- at least at the gas company. The CEO, Mark Dodson, whose relationship to the disgraced former governor is one of the more interesting ones within the network, is retiring. Taking his place will be Gregg Kantor, the ex-governor's one-time press secretary. Kantor has admitted hearing that Goldschmidt had committed statutory rape on a girl when he was mayor of Portland, and doing nothing about it.

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That's nothing - Bernie Giusto is going to be VP there once he leaves with badge (code for retirement benefits)!


You might know this piece of trivia. Is Gregg Kantor related in any way to District Court Judge Henry Kantor?


Multnomah County Circuit Court Judge Henry Kantor.

I am virtually certain that the two of them are not related.

Thanks Jack.

The Goldschmidt revolving door is operational at all levels of government, Jack, not just at the gas company. Oregon is far more corrupt than people really know. At least Bernie is finally down for the count.

Neil protege Mr. Branam didn't do too well in the Portland City Council race, either.

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