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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Go by automobile

Streetcar Smith says, "Do as I say, not as I do."

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not surprising.

Once in office all the area politicians should be required to give up their autos, trucks and motorcycles and ride the public transit system they have created for the rest of us. That goes for their families as well. Kid gotta go to a soccer game. Ride the Bus!


Thanks, Jack. For the record, it was a ZipCar (probably shouldn't have put the campaign sign over the logo).

I never say that cars aren't useful, just that we shouldn't be totally reliant on them :-)

Mr. Smith, we aren't "totally reliant" on cars, if you didn't know. And for those who are, give them a break and not a pot hole.

What does he think about the solution to our energy independence, ethanol??

Are rental cars better for the environment than individually owned vehicles?

But seriously, I'm just funnin' with Chris. At least he showed up, like all but one of the six candidates for seat one. (I'll leave that as an exercise for the reader.)

Ok Steve, so Lewis was the only one who skipped out on the St John's parade. Perhaps he was wasting his time actually talking to voters. Did Amanda get her giant pink speech bubble printed in Eugene too?

Zipcars add to the zipcarbon footprint.

Did Amanda get her giant pink speech bubble printed in Eugene too?

Is that all you got?

Friends of mine who live in St. Johns were discussed because of all the politicians in the parade.

"Can't we just do something for the children without it being turned into some kind of political project?" They asked today.


In the comment above I meant to use the word disgusted. Not discussed.


How is teaching children about civic involvement bad? Was there anything patiently offensive about any of the candidates' parade entries?

Do you also object to the commercial entries, like banks and real estate companies?

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