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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Enquiring minds must want to know

One of a blogger's basic tools is a tracking service that lets them know where readers are coming from. Many referrals come from search engines like Google, and a good tracker shows the blogger what the web surfer was looking for when the search engine pointed the reader to the blog in question.

I consult such a service fairly regularly, and I cannot believe the number of readers who are arriving looking for news about Jon and Sherri Hiner, the famous Mattress World couple who recently split up. My single post about them and the recent not-so-subtle change to their television commercials has drawn hundreds, if not thousands, of hits. Amazing.

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If you really want to drive your Nielsens through the roof, try this subject. It's near the top of my hits every day.

Yeah, but they don't sponsor a 20,000 seat amphitheater...

"We spend a lot of time traveling around this strange little country (USA). I got to the show and I was gobsmacked... A mattress company!" Bruce Dickinson, lead vocalist of Iron Maiden (also commercial pilot, internationally ranked fencing competitor, novelist, and BS in History from London College) made this comment between songs about playing at the Sleeptrain Amphitheater in Sacramento back in 2004. "What is this country coming to?"


You might get a kick out of this web analytics software, it has an interesting live view of people interacting with your website (the 'spy' view): www.getclicky.com

I always found it odd that those kids never got older in the commercials. They are doing the exact same thing (the little one asleep and the older one shusshing everyone).

They must be 10 and 12 now!

That little one looks dead to me and I think the older brother did it.

So funny! My husband (who, normally could care less about gossip, would not stop asking me "what happened to the mattress world couple??? "I bet their getting divorced." Apparently great minds think alike (you and husband). He was very happy to read this post. The "not knowing" was killing him.

I have been goign crazy wondering where he was so I called a Mattress World store and the guy told me that he retired and that they are still married.

I normally could care less about this stuff but its hard not to wonder what she did with her husband... My wife laughs every time one of their commercials comes on and I start in with with my theories... All I know is she is not wearing a ring, and he is missing, possibly hurt and trying to claw his way up and out of his basement well prison. Which I should also is probably sound proof thanks to a generous amount of mattress foam.

I was really worried that she has assisted in his demise, but having not seen Jon in some time brings to mind re-adjustment within the organization. Another question that has plagued me for years is why don't we see a whole body profile; cleavage can only sell so many mattresses. Also, I am sleeping (very comfortably I might add) on a third party mattress from years ago. Do people really buy mattresses often enought to support Sherry with her mattress world Sleep country (don't get me started on THEIR changes of representatives).

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