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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Eleventh-hour election porn

This one arrived at the same time as the ballots:

And of course, this being Portland...

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I like the wind farm picture...particularly interesting since the enviros in this state wont let us build them because they hurt migratory birds, and our governor made them illegal off the coast.

Clinton shows them in her new Oregon commercial too...

wow. a bike. how progressive.

I like Jackie, and would like to thank her for all her hard work on behalf of house district #45. She will make a great Senator. I do wish her hairdo was more "progressive"

Hey, at least it's her in the picture and not some kids. And she's wearing a helmet.

I cannot fathom snarky comments about a bicycle, of all things. Talk about making a big deal out of something utterly mundane. Would you prefer a photo of Dingfelder out at PIR driving a race car? What's your point in ridiculing the bicycle? To the best of my knowledge, people of all political persuasions use bicycles. Kind of sounds more like an implicit commentary on your own prejudices.

You know, I don't care for all the campaign mailings either. They're utterly uninformative and I put them directly into the recycling bin. But you're making a mountain ouot of a molehill with this one.

It's blatant pandering as well as a waste of paper. Oh, it's politics!

"What's your point in ridiculing the bicycle?"

I don't think he was ridiculing the bicycle, it is more running your campaign on whats on the front page of the paper - today its bikes/alternative energy, yesterday was schools/med insur.

These politicians are just seeing which way the wind blows and really have no long term plan or idea of how to execute it. Meanwhile, schools get worse and potholes deepen.

Now, now, she is walking her bike cuz she might hit a pot hole and hurt herself.

Props on the helmet; unlike other election pr0n which shows the politicos as the idiots without helmets that they are ...

It's not the politicians so much as the doctors.

With everyone chucking the political mailers without looking (because there is no substance), it is a wonder that the VOE people and all greenies haven't required VOE candidates not to send out mailers. What a waste.

I am amazed her helmet fits on top of all that hair.

I would prefer to see her behind the wheel of an 800 HP race car at PIR: proof that she's not afraid to swim upstream. Bonus points if she actually ENJOYS driving race cars.

Or how about Jackie smiling atop a beautiful horse, the original bio-fueled personal transportation solution.

Why follow the trend when you can start one?

Green? Politicians? "Do as I say, not as I do."

Jackie actually bikes a lot, and has received awards for her work promoting healthy transportation choices.

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