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Thursday, May 15, 2008


I know I said I was going to vote for Michael Dembrow for the State House from my district, but after receiving this in the mail yesterday -- his fourth mailer in five days! -- I may not be able to bring myself to blacken the circle for him:

Meanwhile, I believe this is four flyers total from this fellow, but at least spaced out slightly over the campaign:

It's so nice to see Portland taxpayers spending scarce tax dollars to tell the world about the adventures of this swashbuckling Robin Hood.

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The 'Robin Hood' mentality is pervasive throughout the Democratic party. Isn't the job of government to make life fair for everyone? :)

Isn't the job of government to make life fair for everyone?

Isn't it? Terrorist acts: unfair. Nuclear attack on U.S.: unfair. Co-erced confession: unfair. Unreasonable search or seizure: unfair. And so on for racial discrimination; age discrimination; sexual harassment; murder, robbery, rape, breach of contract, police brutality, censorship, etc. If you think you can get along just fine without government protection, Joey, I recommend a vacation in Iraq or Somalia, or even Sudan.

I said make life fair, you're the one that brought up protection. I do believe that the government's first and primary role should be to protect it's citizens. So, since you changed the subject, how much protection is enough?

Well, for starters, I'm not getting enough protection from potholes.

Amen brother, we can both agree on that ;)

"The 'Robin Hood' mentality is pervasive throughout the Democratic party."

Hey, I didn't see Bush veto any spending proposals until just recently in his 8 yrs.

This is endemic of politics these days, the quick easy solution is to cut a check and giveaways. God forbid these guys should actually study a problem and come up with a solution - they just don't have the intelligence.

So we get CoP in debt and a national deficit record and the dollar in the dumps.

I agree with you Steve, 100%. I've said it many times, Bush doesn't subscribe to the Republican philosophy, but rather that of the Neo-Conservatives.

In the last week or so I started subscribing to your blog. I've made note of a few posts on this subject.

Two things have come to mind:

1) I, nor my roomates, have recived any mailers in the last weak, or for that matter, year. I wonder how & why some people are chosen and others not.

2)I feel confusion. It is the mailers themself that turn you off, or the content of them. If it is the mailers what exactly is wrong with them?


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