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Friday, May 16, 2008

Answering the call

Where will you be on election night, as the returns pour in? It looks as through we'll be blogging all evening, but perhaps not so much here. We've been asked by the folks at KGW to blog on their site as the moments we've all been waiting for arrive next Tuesday evening. We're told that we'll be joined by Len Bergstein, the famed Portland political consultant (currently working with Portland mayoral candidate Sho Dozono) who frequently analyzes elections for that television station.

We've called Bergstein some funny names on this blog over the years. It will be interesting to sit next to him in the blogging trenches.

Although we'll be pounding material into the KGW server, we can't imagine leaving our own site idle all that night. Maybe while we're blogging about the election results on kgw.com, we can blog here about blogging on kgw.com. "Meta," as they say.

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OLCV has a handy-dandy election night party map on its blog here.

I have not been paying attention. Has Len been analyzing this election for KGW, or did they smarten up this time around and not repeat the fiasco of him analyzing Potter/Francesconi while working with Francesconi?

Anyone find a list of election night parties that aren't affiliated with a candidate? There have to be some bars holding events around town...

I would be SHOCKED if there was one bar in Portland that even had the election returns on TV (instead of the speed channel or ESPN). Election night parties are affiliated with a candidate (or a PAC) because the general drinking public doesn't give a rats-ass.

I'll be crashing Sam's party (Jupiter Hotel), and then on to the Fish Fest at the Kennedy School.

Seems to me you could have the highest ratings, and most 'viewers' that night, Jack, right here in your own forum, sticking to your knitting.

Probably the 'competition' is going to be 'Tiny Tim' Hibbits(?) and the Kari 'Monster Mandate' Chisholm on K2; and then Jim Moore, no less, or that other Pacific U. 'buddy from the boonies' paired with Laquedem of Doom on OinK 6. Sure, Bill 'buy me' Lunch and this month's Public Insight Network (PIN)-head are going to pledge to guess their Public TV best what's-it-all-about, Mr. & Mrs. America, Anytown, USA -- it's about this long, and it's about this wide, and it's about what we're talking about.

All of which might matter twaddle when FUXNews farts up, I mean, starts up some LIARS lie-o-tainment and MaxFudgeReport'ing, like before ...
Fake News reporting

The Independent - All sound, fury, and popular entertainment, By Andrew Gumbel in Los Angeles, Published: 07 October 2006

It is the night of the Bush-Gore presidential election in 2000, perhaps the weirdest of all moments in America's recent political history. Over at Fox News, the runt of the American cable news litter, the election desk is being manned by a certain John Ellis, who just happens to be George and Jeb Bush's first cousin.
According to a new book by David Moore, a Gallup poll election veteran who was doing a very similar job that night for CBS and CNN, Ellis spent much of his evening on the phone to the Bush brothers.
At 2.15 am on the East Coast, Ellis shouts out excitedly: "Jebbie says we got it! Jebbie says we got it!" Jebbie is, of course, the governor of Florida as well as the Republican candidate's brother.
Seconds later, Fox calls the election for Bush. Within minutes, the other networks have followed suit — not because their polling data supports the call, but because they are terrified of being beaten to the punch by some puny little cable station.
The call, of course, turns out to be as erroneous ....

Quite an honor for you, Jack: congratulations!

Difficulty: how to be interesting without being too snarky? I assume they have a "broader" demographic than Bojack.

Hmmm. "Laquedem of Doom." I like it.

That's the problem.

Or maybe a marketing opportunity; alas, however, Channel 6 and its competitors haven't asked me (in any of my guises) to help them out on Tuesday.

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