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Monday, May 12, 2008

And now, another great moment on Google Maps

Here's an interesting one.

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Perhaps someday, Google Maps' Streetview images will provide valuable insights to archeologists to show what big city American street life looked like in the early 21st century, unposed and unrehearsed, with no location or time bias. Sort of like the view that Pompeii and Herculenium offer of everyday Roman life in 79 AD.

But for now, it will continue to amuse us with images such as this. Too bad there were no johns in the image.

I Googled my address and there I am cutting down a small tree in my front yard. I hope the CoP forester doesn't see it, as I had no permit.

I Googled my old address, and there I am driving away in my car. Thankfully I signaled and had my seatbelt on.

Their not working girls. They are campaign volunteers for Adams, Two oldest professions rolled into one. Then again, maybe they are homless protestors

If they were homeless protesters, they would be at city hall. If they're campaigning for local candidates, they would be local.
Instead, they're in Oakland, CA. Our drug and prostitution free zones must have forced them to emmigrate.

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