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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A Tri-Met fiasco in Milwaukie

Thank goodness only $3 million's been wasted and a large commercial property taken off the tax rolls. The way things get planned around here sometimes, it could have been a lot worse.

And what's this about "falling ridership projections"? Does that mean that maybe we shouldn't build that new gazillion-dollar no-cars bridge for light rail?

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"The way things get planned around here sometimes, it could have been a lot worse."

Jack Jack Jack,,,

The way things work around here, it WILL get a lot worse.

I can guaranteee you that Metro, et al, have already decided this site will be another heavily subsidized mixed use developement. The charade to play like they haven't will soon begin.
This locale, with the upcoming light rail no one voted for is nearly identical to the Beaverton Round and other misadventures that never seem to have our planners and smart growth officials learn anything.

Kind of a strange place for Metro to set up shop. It's rather isolated. If you live in the Milwaukee suburbs why would you stop half way to work with only another 10 minute drive, and take another 45 minutes parking and waiting for a bus. The funny thing this past week the Oregonian reported Metro passed an audit for financial responsibility with flying colors. Yeah, right :?)

Yeah Bob, isn't that something?

Metro's own auditor says they be good.
Oh but she's independendly elected!
What a typical government agency set up.

Of course the audit had nothing to do with performance. If it did we be well on our way to getting rid of Metro.

And why is is of such note and highlight that Metro has been paying off bonds as agreed? Big deal.

I'd like to see the a list of grant recipients ffrom the $227 million bond measure. Metro's doling out some $15 million to various "community groups". I can only imagine where that money ends up.

And mission creep is mission one at Metro.
Soon to be creeping into the Hotel biz.

For those unable to read - apparently everyone visiting this site - this article is about TriMet, not Metro.

It is amazing how our governmental officials can pull out any "fact?" out of the hat to justify any of their pet projects.

Milwaukie project-"falling ridership".

The Sauvies Island Bridge move-"its for public safety".

SoWhat tram-"it's the linchpin for 10,000 biotech jobs.

The Burnside/Couch Couplet-"it will decrease congestion".

Sam's 1/2 Billion Dollar Proposed Tax-"it's for the children's safety".

The Eastside Burnside Bridge Head Project-"its to connect the east side to the west."

I support extending light rail to Milwaukee. If anything I think thats not far enough, and wonder why it shouldn't go all the way to Oregon City.

The logic for a new bridge, however, is something I just can't bring myself to agree with.

I would much rather see MAX use the Hawthorne, or perhaps synergy could be had to combine a new MAX span with an auto span to replace the Sellwood since everyone is hyperventilating about it these days. (Heaven forbid we repair rather than replace it).

However I have a strong suspicion that thanks to the OHSU campus and the politics that surrounds it that we're stuck with the expensive bridge. Oh well. I'm sure it will look cool when it's done. And every time I ride over it I'll think about the 20+ additional miles of MAX track we could have had had they not built it.

For those unable to grasp- apparently some visiting this site - TriMet and Metro are connected at the hip.

I would much rather see MAX expansion stopped permanaently, Vera Katz go away, bus service improved and Metro abolished.

McLoughlin (HWY 99E) is a prime area to try HOT (high occupancy toll) lanes instead of MAX. New lanes could be built that carry express busses and those willing to pay a toll based on congestion. Unfortunately, the result could be so good that people might turn on the light rail mafia.

McLoughlin (HWY 99E) is a prime area to try HOT (high occupancy toll) lanes instead of MAX.
JK: McLoughlin (HWY 99E) is a prime area to add one lane in each direction. PERIOD. End of problem.

Then we can use the rest of that 1.2 BILLION cost to solve congestion in other areas.


Adding a lane in each direction has always worked before -- there's never been any congestion on roads that have been widened that way!

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