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Friday, May 30, 2008

A town so nice they named it twice

Walla Walla and its wines make a splash in The New York Times today. Here's a paragraph that caught my eye:

Many Washington natives who once wrote off Walla Walla as a boring backwater are returning and buying second homes. Other second-home buyers are fleeing from cities like Boise, Idaho, and Portland, Ore.

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"Other second-home buyers are fleeing from cities like Boise, Idaho, and Portland, Ore."

"Fleeing" from Boise? What does he think Boise is Hartford?

Greg C

I grew up in Walla Walla, and was amazed in the changes I saw when I visited for the first time in several years. Instead of wheat and asparagus everywhere, we now have vinyards....lots of them, and with it lots of $$ infused into the local economy, which is nice to see considering how much they were hurting when I moved here. Considering what I've seen here in Portland, perhaps I should consider moving back?

But I'm only considering the act of considering....sheesh who needs more sleep?!

A year or so ago, a client dragged me out (kicking and screaming) to Walla Walla.

I was so impressed by the beauty, activities, and culture, that we stayed an extra day.

You will be hearing more about Walla Walla in the next few years.

BTW: If you want to see what Oregon's land use law have done to stagnate economic development, drive along Stateline Road. Look to your left, then look to your right. Talk about contrast ...

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