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Monday, April 7, 2008

You wanna be in the show

I see that weekend TV anchor woman Nancy Francis is packing it in at KGW. Last night was her last show. She's going into teaching.

Many a weekend night did she fill us in on the goings-on in the world. All the different sets, suits, hair-do's, and co-anchors; the addition of the eyeglasses; the absences for maternity -- none of it ever changed the image she projected, which was of a smart, knowledgeable, thoughtful person.

But of course, one moment sums up her career so well:

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We should all be so lucky as to have a Turtle Moment [bloggers especially!]. Cheers to Nancy. We'll miss her intelligence and dedication to her craft.

Having worked at a No. 4 market TV Station in San Francisco (KTVU-TV)years ago, I found her reporting to be okay, but whoever did her hair and wardrobe should have been fired at least a decade ago.

Interesting to hear that Rasheed Wallace was kind to her daughter...

whoever did her hair and wardrobe should have been fired at least a decade ago

I, too, was aghast at a few of the changes in those departmnents. But there was always someone very likable talking to me from inside the helmet and the rest of the uniform.

From TV to teaching - is that from the fry pan into the fire????

I don't get the "turtles" bit.

Can anyone help me with that?


Heh, heh that was funny.

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