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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

You can't handle the truth

And don't worry -- Bush won't let you see it.

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Yeah...sux that they won't let lefties use funerals for their political means, doesn't it? Funny how the families aren't griping as much as the NYT.

The family wanted the media there. The Bush people denied their wishes. Great respect shown there. Just like all those Presidential appearances at the funerals.

Yeah Butch, maybe we should stick to important issues, like lapel pins, for our "political means." Funny you would say the families aren't "griping," That shows what you know. They're grieving you idiot!

"That's a shame, because Hall's story is a moving reminder that the war in Iraq, forgotten by much of the nation, remains real and present for some."

Forgotten? This guy is an idiot.

Butch, I appreciate your candor here. The reason the pictures are not allowed is because it would affect the public's view of the war. Of course, your right wing heroes in the Bush administration don't say that. They claim it's to protect the privacy of the soldiers and their families. That is a despicable, cynical lie. How can a picture of a flag-draped coffin affect an individual's privacy? But this White House is not above using the dead one last time, claiming it's for the soldier's own good - not to protect the White House. What a moment for some spin. It's not enough that the war was based on lies. Once the soldiers have been killed and are returning in coffins, the White House has to protect its image with one final spin-job - one final lie - before turning the bodies of the soldiers over to their families for burial. And the Butches of America just nod their heads and rush to defend their right wing overlords. Very patriotic of you, but you left out the part about how much you support the troops.

Butch, do you remember the Vietnam War photo of the little girl running frantically away from a US napalm attack, or the photo of a South Vietnamese officer shooting a suspected Viet Cong member at point-blank range with a revolver? These images played a strong role in causing the American public to oppose the Vietnam War. The Bush Administration doesn't want to take the risk of having images like these further destroy public support for the Iraq war. This is why the Administration won't let reporters cover military funerals, even when the families approve having the reporters present.

You are soooo right! We need to show close ups of every battle casualty that occurs! How will people remember that there is a war on?! Don't show anyone we hurt, because killing is wrong!

It would also be terrible to show images from 9/11, of course. EVERYONE knows the war in Iraq is NOT about Al queda. When one of the higher ups in that organization of freedom fighters says "the battle is in Iraq" they are only saying that because the CIA told them to say it. Have you seen gas prices? You can be sure that Dick Cheney and Haliburton are involved in there somewhere.

All true patriots simply want our soldiers to declare themselves war criminals for following Bushitler and come home. You "support" the troops by calling them murderer.

You love the country by comparing it to the Soviet Union or Nazi Germany. Even the youngest of the Leftarded know this.

I understand your sentiment Bill, I just think there is a double standard here. Anytime someone mentions the horrors or terrorism or 9/11, they are "fear mongering" or using "the politics of fear."

Why isn't the same true of those that want to use horrific images of the Iraq War to drum up anti-war sentiment?

No one is suggesting propaganda here, just a dose of reality. Watch the nightly moment of silence on McNeil Lehrer. Note the details, age, hometown, rank, etc. of the fallen. Consider the loss to family and friends Each one a life just like yours. Such promise wasted. Whether by Hillary's redemption or Obama's intention, this carnage must end.

Hey Butch, here's a horrific image for you. Bet you can't look at it for another 100 years. http://www.nationalpriorities.org/costofwar_home

Cool site, Brad. Do you have a similar one called 'costofmedicaderxentitlement.com?

Butch, President Bush has been very busy bankrupting the USA so we cannot afford entitlements. That's their master plan, but their friends are well taken care of. http://www.retiredamericansfund.org/ht/a/GetDocumentAction/i/3065

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