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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Willie Week endorsements

Obama, Novick (no surprise), Macpherson (mild surprise), Walker (yay), Dembrow, Sam the Tram (foregone conclusion), Fritz, Fish (surprise). They're also going against Wu. It's the right sidebar here.

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Did you notice the Oregonian article that says that Sho Dozono's restaurant owes thousands of dollars in rent to the City of Portland? I am wondering how Sho can square this debt with his statement published in the same paper on March 28 in an article examining his dubious financial past:

"But you will not find one person who says I owe them money now."

Yes, WW is going against Wu but it sounds more like they were wowed by Will Hobbs. I would call him a buddy but I don't want to hurt his chances. Will is a star human being with an instantly inspirational presence. By the way, that folk-rock band WW refers to is Wheatfield, one of the most beloved and enduring groups ever produced out of the Pacific Northwest.
So why did Will decide to try this? Will was hopeful that the Democrats would stop the Iraq War after 2006. That is, after all, the reason the People gave them back a majority in Congress. However the Democrats sat on their thumbs and became accomplices in this fiasco rather than make a principled stand by cutting off the money for this hideous, tragic war. Will decided to run and fight to do the right thing himself, and after the response he's gotten, the only thing I regret is that he didn't want to try this path earlier. Politics is way too important to be left to the politicians. Forget about Wu. Elect Will Hobbs.

As a Wu constituent, I'm certainly willing to give someone else a try.

The endorsement of Amand Fritz (a good candidate, although I am undecided between her and Lewis) has the following "humorous" item [my emphasis]:

Charles Lewis, founder of the nonprofit Ethos Music Center, is an intriguing candidate who’s spent much of his 37 years doing good works. But we’ve concluded he’s been driven to City Hall mostly by anger at the Portland Development Commission. That may be legit, but it’s hardly a platform. Besides, we already have Randy Leonard to act as PDC’s scourge.

The reason the Bush Garden is behind on their rent is the city has torn up downtown so badly no customers can walk in the door.

Didja see the Mercury endorsements? They endorsed Jeff Bissonette for Sam Adams council seat. I wonder how John Branam feels now, after paying Phil Busse $20K (plus?) and not even getting the endorsement of Busse's former paper.

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