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Monday, April 28, 2008

Why I'm not governor of Oregon

If I were, and I read this bizarre story, I would call each and every one of these people in the morning and demand their resignations on my desk by 5 p.m.

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That could be the Orlando Health Health & Science University, no?

They deserve to be cut off from all public support in Oregon. Let them pack the whole place up and ship it to Tampa.

What do they call those people, anyway? I mean, we call folks here Portlanders.

What do they call Tampa residents? Tampons?

Perhaps we should re-name the flying Twinkies.

Unbelievable. Pull their funding.

Hey these big buck harvester's are smart...Florida in the wintertime and a tax-write-off.

Why would you do that? They struck a pretty good deal - a tram/parking lot shuttle for OHSU, a prop tax free building for some OHSU doctors, prob another $400M in subsidies for SoWa and a nice place for OHSU mgmt to winter at for meetings.

These guys are way sharper than any of the politicians in town who supposedly represent taxpayers. Just keep dangling that LEED/sustainable/bike/density carrot in front of stups like Adams and you'll get whatever you want.

More Oregon tax money goes to Florida


OTRADI, which stands for the Oregon Research and Drug Development Institute, was established by the state of Oregon to assist Oregon universities in further developing infectious disease medications by providing the equipment and expertise that has to this point, not existed in Oregon. It is expected that OTRADI will work closely with the new research institute in Florida.

$200 million in Oregon Opportunity funds were spent on recruitment of world-class researchers and making OHSU attractive as nationally-recognized research institution resulting in Florida's invitation.

More Oregon taxpayer funds will be spent on the institute.

Not on the construction or operation of the Florida research institute. However, initially some OHSU staff time will be required in order to locate and recruit a director and scientists for the new institute.

What makes you think our Governor did not know?

OHSU's core business of running a medical school and teaching hospital to benefit Oregonians isn't as sexy as real estate development.

What do they call those people, anyway?

If you are referring to the OHSU management team, I believe the term is "felons".


Anybody able to document the names of the team that led the delegation to FL to negotiate this robbery? Want to bet it was led by a former OR governor? Want to bet his "consulting fee" was in seven figures or better?

I just looked for some mention of this on The Oregonian's site (shows what I know). Our respected local daily is all over the open house for the OHSU expansion on the old Schnitzer property, but has for now at least left the Florida mess to the non-cheerleader segment of Portland's media.

The open house story is at http://www.oregonlive.com/environment/oregonian/index.ssf?/base/news/1209448505123000.xml&coll=7

One more thing to show how sharp our local politicians are, from this AM Portland Tribune, to paraphrase:

"OHSU Lobbies For Light Rail"

Hold on to your hats, folks, more free money while the potholes deepen.

"OHSU Lobbies For Light Rail"

Another linchpin?

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