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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Who needs Pittock Mansion?

Not when you can live in one of these babies.

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At least it's not one of those "snout-houses"....

That is bad - it looks like the house would tip over if the three people all stood on one side of it.

I bet Randy Gragg would love to live in it.

How about a contest to see who can send you the worst looking example of architecture in Portland? You could limit the entries to structures built in the last twenty years under the modern planning codes.

Is that a "double-high" instead of a "double-wide"?

Aren't folks concerned about the invitation to cyclones?

Could it be a Palazzo?

Too bad the top is cropped or you'd see the Netherlands-style windmill up there.

Could it be a Palazzo?


the Netherlands-style windmill

I thought we were going for the Barcelona look, not Amsterdam.

Maybe its small enough I could afford it.

This "home" is located near the intersection of SW Barbur and SW Hamilton on Vista View Terrace. Notice it has no parking. It is freaky to be inside, a rats maze of singular, separate rooms. This is METRO density as Sam the Tram endorses.

Grrr...nothing better than looking out your bedroom window, right into another person's bedroom window! Also, I love the comment above about it being a "double-high" rather than a double-wide! Snark, snark!

How many push-outs?

I actually live in a double wide. With a 40 by 60 shop and five wonderful acres. I really don't see the comparison unless you are an elitist like Obama. Keep laughing children

I am all for maximizing the use of space. I lived briefly on the east coast last year and just fell in love with cities full of rowhouses. They're narrow like the skinny infill above, but they don't look like a giant turd. Beautiful brick buildings to squeeze lots of people into a smaller space. I would absolutely LOVE to see similar buildings here. I would be embarrassed to live in a skinny infill like that.

What kind of sick mind would accept payment to build something like that?

Bryan - it's hard to tell if you are trying to show a bit of humor or if you are serious. I dislike these skinny houses, but comparing them to row houses ... the skinny house wins. Because unless your row home is on the end you don't get windows on the sides of your home. Skinny homes and row houses, two sides of a really, really, bad idea.

This is what you get when you push "density".
We cant build new subdivisions, so they have to put more homes on smaller lots. Be careful what you wish for.

What would you rather have them do with that land?

Skinny homes are actually pretty good, for those on a lower budget.

And frankly, I'd rather have a neighborhood of skinny homes over a neighborhood of McMansions.


Darn, that's ugly!

To live in it, you would have to get rid of the Queen bed and sofa and scale down to a futon and a love seat.

The big screen TV would have to go.

Also, it's so small you'd have to go outside to change your mind.

Our house fills most of a sub-sized 30x100 (3/4 size) lot. The eaves touch those of the house next door, and from my bathroom I can pretty much reach through the window to flush their toilet (but I don't). These houses were built here in Portland in 1890. They're pretty nice.

I used to own a 1950s era rowhose in San Francisco's Miraloma Park back in the 1980s. It is so much better than the absolute CRAP I see being built here as to be no contest. Just for starters, it had a tunnel type two car garage that could hold two full size cars. A driveway long enough that someone could park in it without blocking the sidewalk; and a skinny fenced yard that extended about 60 feet from the rear of the house. There are thousands more just like it all over San Francisco. The design might be "cookie cutter" by some people's standards, but they were sure a lot nicer than almost anything I see built in this area in the past 10 years. Lots of kids grew up in these homes and they had room to play in the back, without going to some dog-poop infested park.

Guys, guys. Remember the lots here aren't deep enough to build a shotgun shack. So they just stacked the back on top of the front and voila'. So very New Orleans NW style don't you think.

Greg C

none, you are a kick!

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