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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Way not cool

Here's the city that works... not... at it worst. And with an ex-firefighter on the council, no less. You can just imagine what else is supposed to be checked, but isn't. Go by streetcar!

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Reading the quotes from the Fire Bureau officials, I sort of get this image of Jim Carrey's "Fire Marshal Bill". One thing is for certain - NOBODY will lose their job over this at the City that works.

This isn't new. There was a report a few years ago about someone in the fire department rubber stamping these things or something similar.

City hall is on the ball.

da Bum

I guess Fireman Randy only uses fire inspections when it is politically expedient to do so, as in, say, laying on the fire code violations when the city wants to redevelop low income apartment buildings into more condos.

Didn't Sten have the fire bureau?

When is the fire bureau going to check out the infractions in Dignity Village. Oh, it isn't tall enough, so let it burn.

Perhaps this is all part of "give the developers what they want."

If they want the old towers out of the way so they can build newer, bigger ones would explain this handily.

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