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Monday, April 28, 2008

Warning: Not smoking can be hazardous

An interesting phenomenon has been noted nationwide: Banning smoking in public places has killed off a great American tradition known as bingo games.

Hmmmm... Ya gotta wonder what's going to happen to all that hot, juicy "lottery" (slot machine) revenue that the State of Oregon rakes in once it becomes illegal to smoke inside bars and taverns. That new rule takes effect January 1.

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The Atlantic City Council just passed a similar smoking ban for all the casinos in Atlantic City. I wonder if they even considered for a second what it will do to gambling revenues for their city.

It appears that public revulsion at smoking is finally overcoming any and all reasons to allow the toxic fumes inside public places. We will know in short order if it has any effect on the stupidity tax, not to mention the addiction tax

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