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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Vera must be proud

It's official: The Sauvie Island Bridge will be moved to Northwest Portland as a bike bridge over I-405 at Flanders Street. The liars' budget for the project currently stands at $5.5 million, which The Daily Journal of Commerce breaks down for us this afternoon:

The project will be financed through a piecemeal process of dipping into different accounts:

-- $2 million will come from Transportation System Development charges.

-- $2 million will come from River District Urban Renewal Tax Increment Funds.

-- $1 million will come via Transportation Enhancement funds from the Oregon Department of Transportation.

-- The remaining $500,000 will from the city's general fund as part of the Safe, Sound & Green Streets program. The city also expects private donations.

I hope they saved a few hundred thousand for when the Sellwood Bridge falls down.

UPDATE, 8:00 p.m.: More on the legal and financial side of the project here.

Comments (18)

"the city to purchase the span from its current owner, Max J. Kuney Co., for nearly $4 million."

Beautiful, I believe Max J. Kuney paid 1 (one) thin US dollar for the bridge. Let's ignore the fact they could build a new bridge for $1.5 million less. Lets ignore the fact it is an ugly piece that will have to be beautified with more money.

You just knew Sammy wanted it bad enough that we'd get it in the worse way. When do sane people get represented at City Hall?

Don't forget the toxic lead paint.

I'll guess $11.5 million by the time it's done.

Just one more reason to vote for Sho!

Sam will bankrupt this city, why can't he wait until his safe and green streets tax passes?

This is so predictable. Engineering to be completely only after the city is committed will reveal some additional structural requirements for the foundation supports raising the price to $9.2 million.
But it will be too late to turn back.

Let's see, this is an insane decision made by a bunch of insane Councilors. The Councilors are elected by Portland voters. Does this mean that the majority of voters in Portland are insane, too? Please convince me that my reasoning is wrong. I'm trying to keep my faith in humanity.

If the Earth is the insane asylum of the universe, than the USA is the insane asylum of the Earth and Portland the Insane asylum of the state. What else is there to expect from this looney tunes city council...Jack, you should run a lottery to how much $$$ over-runs will get to. Remember the Tram and Sam?

Believe it or not, there are many citizens who support this project, and support the elected officials who are working to make it happen. I'd be willing to bet the project comes in slightly under budget if anyone is willing to wager.

My bet is final cost of at least $20m for the initial rehab and installation, on top of this $5m purchase price.

Anybody asked for the M&O on this thing, and which of our pockets that will be coming out of? Cost of keeping this thing from falling down onto the freeway will not be cheap. There was a reason it was replaced, after all.

"I'd be willing to bet the project comes in slightly under budget if anyone is willing to wager."

That'll be neat trick. Since they have to pay the current owner nearly $4 million for the bridge alone.
That leaves only $1.5 million to move it, build the footings and connections, add the various improvements etc.

The ped bike bridge over I-5 at SoWa is now pegged at $12 million.

I'll take the bet.

what shall it be?

And we'll include all the costs,,,,,

not by Sam Adams accounting method.

I'll bite ... I don't know that "there are many citizens who support this project," but we can take an unofficial poll here and count. As of now, 10 against and 1 for. And is that 1 actually going to ride his or her bike across the Flanders bridge once it's built?

Does anyone know if the City factored in the ongoing maintenance of a crummy old bridge in their estimates of cost? Isn't that one of the reasons that a new Sauvie Island bridge is getting built IN THE FIRST PLACE?

I think it's a phase in a plot to cover I-405.

$500,000 will from the city's general fund as part of the Safe, Sound & Green Streets program.

Ummm...I thought Safe/Sound/Green was still just a PROPOSAL? Far as I know, no fee has been approved. So...let the numbers game begin (again).

Who has the list of crummy eastside streets that won't be getting repaved so that the Pearlies can have their latest toy?

If we have this kind of money to spend on a new toy, why aren't we putting it on the table to get the Sellwood bridge replacement rolling? Going for new toys when our existing stuff is falling down is so, so wrong in so many ways.

I'm getting the distinct impression that they have no desire or intention to ever replace the Sellwood Bridge.

Bridges are MultCo's problem, especially if lots of dirty cars are using them.

Portland assumes responsibility for any and all train/bike bridges, trams, and eco-anything. Because Real Portlanders travel by train, tram, and bikes.

It's a jurisdictional thing.

Yeah, you can't miss that jurisdictional thingie because every time you drive across one the bridge's sign says "built and maintained by Multnomah County." Or something like that. Including the Sellwood Bridge.

But last I heard the county pols were listening mainly to people in far east county who see no utility to them of a new Sellwood Bridge. So they seem to be thinking they're somehow off the hook.

I'm betting that CoP could help out with the Sellwood if they wanted to, and the county would gladly accept the help if offered, but they are all being very quiet on the subject.

So when I say "they" have no desire to or intention of rebuilding the Sellwood Bridge I mean all of them, city and county.

If the CoP wanted to be part of a Sellwood Bridge fundign solution, it is as simple as the City Council passing an ordinance and mailing a check.

Just as easy as the Hawthorne bridge transfer payment ($9.9 million), but much more necessary solve the City's transportation bottle neck.

If the Sellwood Bridge replacement included light rail, it would already be a done deal. It doesn't, so it's not.

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