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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Up next for Tri-Met

Taser-less Square.

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The Stennies seem to love everything else done up there, I figure this must be next.

That said, pay your fare or dont ride.
I pay mine, I ride every day. And I get tired of the jerks holding up the train when they are making a scene while removed for not paying. I agree the taser thing is over the top, but be a man and take your lumps if you are caught.

"don't taser me bro"

I wish they start Tasering on the Max, especially out here in Gresham. Certainly solve a lot of problems....

Tasering is for whimps - we should water-board them. All kidding aside, if there is no way to stop the person, all they will ever do is not pay and walk away. Taser all you want, it will be a GREAT incentive to pay.

If you give a cop a Taser, s/he's going to use it.

This is what happens when the only tools in the toolbox are hammers.

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