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Friday, April 11, 2008

The Wiz

You've enjoyed the Benson Bubblers. But are you ready for the Leonard Latrines?

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Bravo, Mr. Leonard. Seriously, I hope the design works as well as you hope and other cities get on board. (Not so thrilled about the patent thing, but whatever.) This could make a big difference for all sorts of people, not least the parents of young children.*

Job well done.

[*: I don't suppose there's a changing table in there?]

PHLUSH, which stands for Public Hygiene Lets Us Stay Human


So, does this mean that the "its legal to pee on the sidewalk" rules will be abolished downtown? Because frankly, downtown reeks.

Yet another crackpot idea from "Crusader Leonard "..... Sigh..... How did Seattle's public toilet program work again ???

Only in Portland do we attempt to reinvent the wheel....designing and building our own public toilets!!! I suspect a quick google might reveal more than a few mfrs of industrial-grade toilets...add at affordable prices.

Does one foresee tax dollars PHLUSHed down the drain? "What a pisser!"....he exclaimed.

Only in Portland do we attempt to reinvent the wheel....designing and building our own public toilets!!!

Dont forget the army of janitors they will need to hire to clean them...

Unionist "Leg-break" Randy will stop at nothing to feed his fellow public employees.


I hope this works. I have traveled a good deal and most of the cities I have visited, including those in southern Africa have clean public toilets!
Having scooped poop from around my businesses for years it would be a pleasure to support this effort to clean up the city!
I think that almost anything would be an improvement, as now there no truly public facilities available.

If you put a Toll on the new I-5 Bridge, I want a toll on these Shooting Gallery's.
Look for needles before you sit.

I would be all for the self cleaning pay toilets common in Europe.

A dollar toll and they would pay for themselves in a month. A 3 minute limit before the door opens up will prevent the druggies from using them to shoot up.

Seattle just pulled the chain on theirs: too expensive, and they were too popular with the local sex workers to provide much (ahem!) relief to non-sex tourists.

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