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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

New Calvin Klein fragrance named

Cyreena Boston, who's trying to become the new state representative from our district here in Northeast Portland, sent our household her mailer this week. We've been kidding her that her glamorous photography and happening slogan impress us more as a perfume ad than as political literature, and as we head into the final weeks of the campaign, we now have a brand name for the product line:

The whole "passion" thing leaves me cold. It was this creepy dude's favorite word when describing himself. This guy's got it, too. Yuck.

Comments (6)

Passion OK. But passion for what exactly?

Geez Louise, a lot of hangups about one word.

BlueOregon recently posted the Willamette Week endorsement interview with Boston and the other candidates. Also, they've recently posted pieces written by Boston and at least one of the other candidates.
Probably more informative than any campaign mailers.

Passion? Too close to Obsession. It should be Cyreena.

Color me stupid for veering from the topic at hand,"passion", but how can a County Commish effect affordable healthcare, and healthcare for all? Other than the health services Multnomah County provides at the County health centers, and the funding they provide for some medical/health programs, what does a County leader have to do with it?

Isn't affordable health care more of a universal issue? AND, no one in the healthcare industry and current legislature has been able to make headway on this important issue. I am scared of politicians at a local level who jump into issues like this where they realistically are not going to be able to enact change.

I'm sure she's a fine individual, but come on.

My mistake...She's running for State Legislator, not County. Still an issue not to be solved at that level. It's so much bigger than that, and will require involvement of the healthcare industry nationally as well as the Feds.

I hope she doesn't turn into a com-passion-ate conservative.

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