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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Speaking of recycling...

It's curious, isn't it, that while many Portland City Council candidates are taking taxpayer dollars to pay for their campaigns, some of them are giving their own money to the Sam the Tram mayoral campaign, which is using traditional "dirty money"?

John Branam pungled up $100 for the Tramster just last week, bringing his personal total of gifts to his hero to $250. Jim Middaugh gave Sam $250 back in December -- long after Middaugh secretly knew that his boss, Erik Sten, was quitting, but before he himself had decided to run for the seat (uh huh).

Branam's also given $350 to state rep. candidate Cyreena "Calvin Klein" Boston.

All such gifts are public knowledge nowadays, thanks to the ORESTAR reporting service, which brings much needed transparency to campaign finance in the state. With all that information now at everyone's fingertips, the influence of campaign contributions will likely wane, at least somewhat. If Portland comes to its senses and gets rid of "voter-owed elections," the sunshine generated by the internet will still be beneficial.

On that note, I see that Homer Williams has his checkbook back out this month. $1,000 to Cyreena? I think she just lost my vote. Oh, and $2,300 back in February for Bus kid Jefferson Smith. Homer must base the amount on how gullible they look.

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C'mon between all the diverted SDCs, TIF financing, TRAMs, streetcars that Homer, his daughter (Tiffany Sweitzer) and Jospeh Weston get out of those mnor contributions the rate of return is astronamical. Of course, VoE would totally stop all of this crony-ism!

According to their respective websites John Branam and Cyreena Boston have endorsed each other. Apart from being an incredibly stupid move that highlights each candidate's lack of political common sense, it's also an indication of shared ideology. Both will be deep in the pockets of Homer Williams, Neil Kelly and whoever else benefits from downtown development in the name of "urban renewal."

The fun part about ORESTAR is confirming all the assumptions about who supports whom and how it's often "all in the family" like the Boston/Branam thing.

I like to follow the contributions back to the mandatory reporters (PAC's, etc.) and see where else their money goes.

Great entertainment, especially Friends of Randy Leonard. I wonder what he does with all that union dough?

Plus, you get to connect dots.

Think this has anything to do with that?

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