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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Some like it hot

The "affordable housing" that's about to go into the SoWhat District won't have air conditioning.

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No AC and the units will have individual heaters?
Probably those noisy wall units motels and hotels have.
I saw those in some condos in Sherwood.

That over under breathing nonsense for air in the summer is bunk. If there's no cross venitlation I pitty the fools,,,, tenents.

209 units and only 50 parking spaces?

More smart growth

I wonder who gets sued when the first window unit falls 18 stories and hits a pedestrian?

Certainly not the low income tenant.

Errrrr. Should have read the link first:

should read: Falls five stories....

The residents will not have the luxury of noisy Hotel/Motel AC or Heat units. These residents will be using their hot water to defrost their "high performance" European "tilt-turn windows" in the winter. Summertime sleeping quarters will by provided next to the runnel.

Not to worry. SOWA ought to have quite a few affordable rentals coming onto the market soon that do have air conditioning.

The proper way to live in Portland is without air-conditioning. You need that two weeks in August to miss the rain.

But LEED certifications are based on developers' self-reported information, huh? That explains A LOT.

Real Oregonians don't need air conditoners. Am I the only native left around here?

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