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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Shortcuts to confusion

A couple of Portland stories this week pointed out some of the dangers presented by all those acronyms that the bureaucrats and policy wonks throw around with abandon. A commenter on this blog was making a point about the CRC, and I was ready to jump in with a heated response. But then I realized that the reader was referring to the Columbia River Crossing -- not the Citizens Review Committee. The former is the proposed new bridge from Portland to Vancouver; the latter is one of the boards involved in Portland's anemic method of investigating charges of police brutality.

Never mind.

There are probably lots of other acronym overlaps lurking out there. Has anyone got another example?

Comments (7)

Never mind.

ahhhh, the nostalgia for the days when SNL meant something just kicked in...

CYA which is what the PDC does

or CYA http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canadian_Yachting_Association

Actually both are for the affulent so,,,,, they're the same thing???

Portland Development Commission (Portland, Oregon)
Public Disclosure Commission (Washington State)

Granted, its not intra-portland, but its too funny not to mention.

I always liked that the World Wildlife Fund had to sue the World Wrestling Federation to get their initials back.

ha! There's one in your post about the ORS! The OLCC (do they use that acronym?) suing the folks who posted the ORS text.

He he! I answered my own question without realizing it!

Department of Human Services (state) and Department of Homeland Security (federal).

If DHS is investigating you, you might lose your kids.

But if DHS is investigating you, you AND your kids might be whisked away to an undisclosed location that resembles the basement of the gun shop in Pulp Fiction, with the Honorable Dick Cheney presiding.

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