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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Sadly, this story sounds about right

Time for another "mission accomplished."

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What do you expect? These madmen only have 8 more months in the White House to set the world ablaze.

Wonderful. just F&*^#@$ Wonderful

This cannot happen soon enough.... Time for the Ayatollah and Addblahblahjob to meet the Virgins.....

This cannot happen soon enough....Time for the Ayatollah and Addblahblahjob to meet the Virgins.....

i'e got really bad news for you, Ed. one day, perhaps sooner than later, we're *all* going to meet the Virgins.

meanwhile, you can gesticulate wildly about who deserves to go first.

Ed's got something going here, I think. We did such a bang-up job of catching bin Laden, and settling things in Iraq, why would anyone hesitate to launch an attack on Iran? What could possibly go wrong?

I'd rather pay $7 per gallon after dropping a couple of bunker-busters on Iran's nuke sites than a nuclear arms race in the mid-East. Iran gets theirs, Israel reveals they have theirs, Saudi Arabia develops theirs, etc. etc. etc.

Hey...at least Russia won't have to rely on the black market to sell their uranium anymore.....

Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran...

Hey, how come those McCain ladies haven't made a video using that track?

...4 more years of the same, peeps.

I'd rather pay $7 per gallon after dropping a couple of bunker-busters on Iran's nuke sites than a nuclear arms race in the mid-East.

don't worry, you'll pay that price and more. with or without the bombs.

Hey...at least Russia won't have to rely on the black market to sell their uranium anymore.....

hey...at least Saddam Hussein didn't have to rely on the black market to get his chemical weapons...we sold them to him.

I'd rather pay $7 per gallon after dropping a couple of bunker-busters on Iran's nuke sites than a nuclear arms race in the mid-East.

What exactly (or even inexactly) does that mean? Heck, I'd rather pay $7 a gallon than another Clinton presidency.

It's not a choice, it's a combination package. That is, we get paying $7 a gallon, and upwards, AND we get whoever is POTUS. Whatcha call yer lose / lose situation.

It astounds me to try to believe the many of the comments express the true thoughts of the commenters. So I don't believe it, and instead see it as wishful commenting, bluster and bluff along, reciting the talking points dictation in fervent prayer to make it be so -- which exactly describes LIARS Larson's scaredy-cat yakkity-yak. Folks is whistling past their graveyards, fronting brave, trying to seem unafraid of societal, financial, fascism-driven very real apocalypse, (and then turn around right in the next breath and announce their fear of t'rrerists, which do not exist).

Our diplomatic blog host, most accommodating the major peace among the maximum number, keeps personal-forecast opinion cards close to his vest with only occasional jest-saying on the subject of civil collapse -- "when it's time to buy pallets of canned tunafish."

And occasionally tossing raw massmedia mind-meat in the air of the fray, (and the ho-o-ome, of the, brief), to see the ruckus red glare, and outbursts compare, and by the drift of the integral of the interval, gauge which way and how fast the wind on the street is blowing. Which mostly describes the non-committal "sounds about right" cover over this NewsMax item. Are you kidding? NewsMax? Sounds about right! The day FUXNews has ONE fact, is the day NewsMax could 'sound about right.' Like, so ne-verrr.

Ain't happening. NewsMax = LIARS (and, indeed, where he gets his material).

Here's some wind on the street: Today, the 30-something nephew of a personal friend, got jobless'ed. No valid reason, employer discrimination litigation to follow -- the nephew was the only admitted anti-Bush atheist in the 5-man sales office.

Apparent parrot-readiness to lip-serve Bushbutchery, in 'signed' comments, had been astounding me, (I should correct myself), before today. Today it occurred to me, these voices know no other words to speak. It could seem I would have noticed this before now, but, considering that I don't watch TV -- so I don't have a sense of how pervasive such cock-and-bull LIARStalk is infused; and considering the voices don't watch the internet (outside of NewsMax or Drudge or ... heck, I don't even know where talking point, graveyard whistling is issued, probably AOL and Yahoo and MSN, even GoogleNews -- all straight-faced LIARS-propaganda catapulters, too, whenever I've checked there, which is rarely, and I can't tell the source without a citation), well, then, know wonder the truth don't fathom the LIARS and the LIARS don't fathom the truth -- it is separate worlds of existence.

Sometimes the truth don't fathom the truth -- in idle passages I've tossed off snide bitchslaps at 'imagined' LIARS-listener parrots, for my own writertainment, and was flabbergasted to hear ruffled-feather squawk-back, like tossing a whiffle bat in a chicken coop at night -- such flurry and flap-a-doodle-do: there is truly some birdbrains asleep in it. Who knew? Truly!?

And in some clucking comments above, it sounds like they roost here.

For whatever my motive, (mostly, a wasted mind is a terrible thing to hear whistling as the gallows drops loose of the noosed), I gotta pass along here what is being said by worldly wise ones on the internet out there, that who can read may heed.

There ain't gonna be no Iran invasion, beyond what's already going on. Which is a lot, big time, and what all your taxes today went to, and is more Bushbutcher holocausting and massive war crime massacre, in Iran. But it ain't as much as the over-promotion of it threatens it could be -- to scare the bejeezus out of you if you're suggestible and isolated enough to listen to LIARS.

And there is gonna be societal, economic collapse, big time. Big BIG time. Real Soon Now. The planet patterns say in May -- April droppers bring May paupers. One 'advance' reality check might arrive in the malestrom April 23 & 24; if 'the market' goes south those days, it's gonna freefall off Antarctica, and the globe, into space, the next month. If nothin' happens April 23 & 24, then the forecasts may be premature, by a month or two, (so it's June or July). Whatever, what's an extra 60 days to a sleeping dog ... it's still a LIAR there in Victimville.

The longhaul truckers got a longstop strike set for May 5. Bushjoebob sockpuppet has a trip to Jerusalem set for May 15. The world we know today might never return after either of these dates. No more whistling past the graveyard; only the wind whistling over us in it.

What to do? I don't know. IMPEACH NOW is one thing that could knock the fascist schedule off the rails. Otherwise, before the election Bushbutcher scapegoats away (sparing readers here the details), and Dickbutcher takes over, new POTUS, no election, all hail the new belief and salute, or else -- you don't need a ticket -- nonbelievers get 'all aboard' for Gitmo. See, that's what the bourgeoisie put the inventer of fascism, Mussolini, in power for: he made the trains run on time. You didn't need a ticket to get into trouble then, either, and speaking of 'being in Deutch,' Gitmo is pronounced: 'Da-chau.'

Here's what we do, and did, in my tribe. I am named for my grandfather, whose claim to fame was telling his neighbors to follow him to the bank and withdraw everything in accounts, a week before the 1929 market crashed and banks closed. He walked his talk, and they didn't; he survived the Depression, and many of them didn't. He said at the time, and later, when asked how he knew it was coming, that anyone could read it printed in the Kansas City Star.

I'm just saying, anyone can read it today on the (non-NewsMax) internet.


No more "evidence" of collapse is needed; it's happening here and now and with dizzying speed. I no longer feel a need to "convince" anyone; I'm simply sitting back and watching the inevitable unfold, and as I report the daily news, I can scarcely keep up with the events that have turned prophets into historians.

"Posted by Tenskwatawa"

Say what?

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