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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Ring ding, your bell will ring

We love our mailman. He brings us all sorts of great stuff, and provides service above and beyond the call.

During political campaign seasons, he delivers to our doorstep election porn that provokes many a belly laugh. Yesterday he left not one but two pieces of unintended hilarity -- both of them followups to mailers and flyers we had already received from the same two candidates. First was this beauty from Streetcar Smith:

There he is, telling his neighbors that he went to 22 committee meetings and public hearings last month, and so it must be his time to waltz onto the City Council. That's funny enough even at first glance, but look closer at the guy on the left. You can tell how excited he is to be there:

How does stuff like this go out? I guess when you run on taxpayer money, as Smith is, your work product naturally seeks government quality levels.

Then there's Cyreena Boston, whose unusual literature we've now received for a third time. This is the second flyer we've gotten from this candidate for the Legislature in less than a week, and it's another spread right out of O magazine:

This time she's abandoned her "passion" motif and spends the whole glossy flyer talking about education. She'll get rid of the corporate income tax "kicker" refund to make class sizes smaller; and restore music, art, and P.E. She's worked with hundreds of kids. She's got some sort of education desk job now. And she has a "mission in life: to make great things happen for others."

Boston seems like a nice, smart, energetic person, and I might even vote for her. But the constant pounding with the America's Top Model stuff still strikes me as odd. I look at her materials, and all I see is this:

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Um, perhaps he's vision impaired?

Nothing wrong with a little style. Hope it's backed by substance.

I think the guy in Chris Smiths porn pic is also humming. What? I have no idea.

Cyreena should read George Will's column Washington Post, 4/24/08.
Save the children via education is a little hackneyed. I hoped she would be more on the order of Jo Ann Baughman, maybe not so liberal.

The Cyreena thing is one of the funniest things I've seen this year. Kudos!

Scary! I thought that was Michael Moore for a second. Spilled my coffee!

Michael Dembrow is a much worse mailbox-stuffer than Boston. I swear we have gotten over 10 flyers and brochures from him in the last few weeks (some even hand-delivered). God only knows how many more trees he'll kill before May 20.

Mea Culpa, Her name is Jo Ann Bowman. Damn those senior moments.

Chris Smith needs to spend some of that City loot on a Nutri-System Diet and a membership at the local YMCA.

All these candidates are funny. Vote for me for a sustainable Portland. Bicycles, windmills and photo electric cells. Try asking for a definition.

They think a sustainable business is one that keeps a brick in the toilet. Only problem is, they don't know if the brick goes in the tank or the bowl.

I am the only candidate in recent memory who did not print the word sustainable or sustainability in my election porn. Which was privately funded, by the way.


I wish your links opened up in new windows or tabs instead of redirecting. It would make your website easier to use.

Cris- Most of us use Firefox, and center click to open in a new tab. I think IE has now copied something like that now.
I read his post,open new tabs on his links, and also his comments. I then can go back read all the links and comments as they have all loaded and are in order and a click away.

That top picture with Mr Smith looks way too posed - Kinda like the caption should be:

"Did I tell you the one about the nuns and the monkey on the bus?"

C'mon he is pretending like he even needs to talk with voters.

I am fully expecting Sam Adams, Jim Middaugh, and Chris Smith (the Socialists)to advance to the runoff elections.

If one of them wins (and our approval of new bond issues doesn't add more than another $300- to my property tax), I'll stick around...

If two (or more) of the Socialists win, or my property tax bill is going up more than $300, then I'm moving to Lake Oswego or further south.

Um, perhaps he's vision impaired?

I suppose that is possible, in which case I am going to feel really, really bad. But I doubt that's the case.

Jack, maybe Dan was meaning Potter-like "vision impaired".

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