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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Remember the Iraq "drawdown"?

Fat chance.

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Don't you know? We have to stay until they quit killing us, and once they quit killing us it'll be safe enough to stay forever!

At what point of devaluation of the dollar dictates that the carpet baggers can no longer make a profit...that will be the deciding factor.

The US will continue to try to get the oil flowing, regardless of who is elected, regardless of public opinion, regardless of effect on the dollar. Because it affects the dollar more than anything else.

Want to have a say in US policy? Stop using petroleum. Otherwise you're just an addict whining at the man.

Like "green" businesses in PDX area that have central air conditioning!

The US gas station (Saudi Arabia) production numbers seem to show that the Iraqi oil is already GOTTEN flowing.

Thief mission accomplished. The embedded Guards -- 'Support The OOPS!,' that's an order -- must stay until the last straw suck gurgles bubbles at the bottom of the barrel. Besides, nobody in the States wants the Contagion Troops living back here with so much depleted uranium in them that they glow in the dark.

Or, you know, we could just IMPEACH the WAR CRIMINALS and call the whole thing off -- "OOPS!: Oversies!" -- if only Blumenauer and the 'blue men hour' ilk were not held blackmail hostage by their Spitzer Syndrome short hairs, or something close. ... 'Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?' - The Shadow government can coerce them completely. Surely the Oregonian 'cell' of The Shadow's haunts is our Guards Commander who overrules the Governor sending troops in expeditionary exile, and with a brother whose newspaper ink and its breathy vapors anesthetizes the taxpaying sheeple for fleecing, while sister-in-law slits the bottom of the civic purse and serves up the spoils such as SoWhat the Tram [firing-squad shot], (bang! bang! bang!).

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