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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Not a good sign

I've had the computer screen suddenly go black on me before. And hey, I'm a Windows user, and so having everything inside the darn computer seize up on me is nothing new. Especially when Norton This-or-That decides to assert its uptight authority.

But this time, the computer wouldn't let me turn it off, even if I pushed the power button in and held for a count of 10. And it smelled like something was burning.

Now I'm on the laptop, but ooooh, I think my week just got a whole lot more interesting.

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Think of this as a wonderful opportunity to take one of those sleek, though expensive MacBooks for a test drive...I lived off of oatmeal and peanut butter sandwiches for months and months to save up for mine.

Mac? Geez, I don't think I'm brave enough.

I'll sell you a carbon offset to deal with the greenhouse gases that came from your smoking computer. Send me ten bucks, and I won't walk on my grass for a day.

It's a bargain at twice the price. ;-)

I hope vodka does not create any sort of carbon problem.

Since I switched to a Mac several years ago, I am definitely not brave enough to go back to a PC.

Try one out. You will be very pleased. The things just don't quit.

Dumped my peecee's two years ago. I run a completely Mac household - 6 of them in all. Nary a single problem, not a hiccup, not a virus, not a crash. And I have Windows running via VMWare Fusion for the occasional Windows-only program. They've got some great prices at the refurbished store on Apple.com. And the iMac, newly speeded up, is super. My family loves the large screen and super-fast processor. You would be shocked.

Your fan may be busted. To prevent overheating your PC auto-shuts off when this occurs.

Get a Mac.

I'll add one more:

Once you go Mac, you never go back.

Macs are great machines. The only problem I have with them is cost. I built my latest PC myself, with all the newest hardware, for less than half the cost of an equivalent Mac. And in the year I have had it running, the only problem was a dead cooling fan on the video card. But it has a lifetime warranty. Manuf. had it replaced with a new card in less than a week.

Count me as another Mac convert, some three (maybe four) years ago. I quibble some with the claim(s) of high cost. Comparably performing Windows machines are comparably priced, and come with Vista, which according to today's USA Today (I'm traveling, but surprise, it's a pretty good sheet) is a total flop. As for data recovery, take the hard drive out, put it into a powered shell ($30 at Fry's, I think) and USB or firewire plug it into your laptop as an auxiliary drive (make sure, before you do, that you change the jumper settings to "slave" if the drive requires that). Unless the desktop's fault was with the drive, your data will be accessible. Good luck with it all. And if you do convert, get David Pogue's book, 'Switching to the Mac'. You can borrow my copy if that will help.

If vodka caused a carbon problem, Algore would hold a mortgage on my house.

switched to mac after three pc's died in three years.

have had the same mac laptop for five years running strong.

completely worth the cost.

I build my own. PC has never let me down. My 6 run 24/7 (with software that hibernates every sytem after 15 minutes of inactivity from a user).

Using the same monitor on the laptop? I've had a monitor fry, so thought I'd ask.

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