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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Metro demo shows density goals achieved

This simulation was run yesterday at the Old Town/Chinatown MAX station, presided over by legislative candidate and Metro functionary Jon Coney:

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I experienced the morning rush hour "compression" while boarding the Tokyo Metro. It was kinder and gentler than what was depicted on the video, though.


That would be Portland's final solution.

I have been there and done that over 30 years ago in Yokohama. Why change a good thing?

Yeah, but all the riders get free soylent green snacks.

This pack-em-in video is cute but I haven't seen anything even close in Tokyo when I've been there. In January 2008 I traveled independently in the Middle East. Once while scurrying and pushing my way into a Cairo subway car my backpack got caught in the door. A couple of Egyptian guys helped free it. The subway in Cairo costs one Egyptian pound or 18 cents US. And no matter the country, there are almost always signs in English. I love subways!

Land use planning sure knows how to stop Urban Sprawl.

You want fun, try riding the T in Boston on Marathon Monday. Between the million or so spectators, the Sox game, and the fact that it was just a great day to be outside, the trains were packed. My wife took 2 hours to travel 3 stops that day. A few poor marathoners passed out on the trains and had to be stretchered out to the street. Fun times.

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