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Thursday, April 17, 2008

May it please the court

No, it definitely did not.

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The conviction is fair, but the punishment seems a little harsh.

It looks like common behavior in public arenas has crept into the courtroom.

I don't understand... isn't cockfighting legal in TX??


Lucky he didn't get the chair.

But really 90 days for a gesture. The guy sounds like an arse but this is like Renquist yelling at the attorney in a brown suit, but no jail time was involved there.

I think this kind of thing is not uncommon. I heard rumors that Marcia Clark(was that her name?), when prosecuting the Simpson trial, would tell her opposing counsel she wasn't wearing underwear. And of an Oregon lawyer who suffered great emotional distress when his wife left him for a woman-and opposing counsel who would bring up the topic right before trial.

It is good to see a judge addressing this kind of thing.

I am also reminded of Yippie era courtroom stories; of LSD and DMSO smeared on the handles of opposing counsels' briefcases.

Cynthia, your "Marcia Clark not wearing underwear" comment just caused ME great emotional distress... BARF!

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